Over the past few weeks, we’ve delved again into alarming incidents involving Eric Brown, the Washoe County Manager, and his administration. Let’s start with a shocking DUI case: Brown’s wife was caught driving with a blood alcohol level nearly four times the legal limit, in which she plowed through curbs and construction equipment and could have killed a construction worker. Remarkably, she avoided a DUI charge. This incident is starkly contrasted with another case, where an individual with a significantly lower blood alcohol level and no accident (unlike Brown’s wife) faced harsh punishment from the same judge, in the same court, days apart, who retired shortly after this decision. This disparity in treatment screams of abuse of power.

Our investigation also uncovered significant issues in our county’s election processes. Despite the county’s sworn declarations that these problems don’t exist, evidence from their own documents and verbal admissions say and show otherwise.

Today, I bring to light a particularly egregious example of dishonesty from Brown’s team. Bethany Drysdale, whom they refer to as the ‘propaganda minister’ for her role in disseminating misleading information, twists the truth and creates a more negative narrative around Commissioner Jeanne Herman, her new election integrity resolution, and election security issues. Commissioner Jeanne Herman introduced a common-sense resolution on December 12, 2023, aimed at ensuring election integrity. The resolution proposed measures like using paper ballots, employing district-residing workers from different political parties, public ballot counting, and withholding results until counting completion.

Herman’s Resolution:


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Events Time Line:


12/12/23: Jeanne Herman introduces the resolution at the county commissioner board meeting.
12/13/23: Eric Brown forwards the resolution to the DA’s office for legal review.
12/14/23: The DA’s office submits its review and reports nothing illegal about the resolution.
12/14/23: On the same day as the DA’s review, Bethany Drysdale appears on This Is Reno, claiming the resolution is likely illegal, then trash talks it and Herman.


Here is the DA’s review:


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Here are excerpts from Brown’s Propaganda Minister Bethany Drysdale on This Is Reno:

What the hell right?!?

So despite the District Attorney’s office not finding anything illegal in Herman’s resolution, Drysdale, speaking to “This Is Reno”, falsely labeled it as potentially illegal, and then went on to trash it, what it says, what it could actually do, painting it in a negative, right-wing light. Notably, a month later, there have been no retractions or edits to correct this misinformation, indicating a deliberate attempt to mislead the public about alleged ‘illegal voting methods’ and ‘right-wing charged changes’.

Think about that for a minute…

Now let’s give the propaganda minister Bethany Drysdale the benefit of the doubt for a second. Let’s say she did the interview with This is Reno at 10 am, and the DA released their findings to her at 11:30 am. Notice that to this day, nearly a month later, there are zero retractions or edits on their propaganda story.

This means they want this narrative of illegal voting methods and right wing charged propaganda for us all to read.

That’s just plain dishonest, even if I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Which I don’t now.

So, why is it that Brown and his team don’t want more secure elections?

They’re busted! Caught red-handed as you see right here for yourself.

This situation forces us to seriously question why Brown and his team are resistant to more secure elections and why they continue to lie to the public. What’s their game folks….

Moreover, it’s concerning that such conduct is seemingly tolerated by the DA’s office. It’s time we question how Eric Brown continues in his role as our county manager. Both he and his ‘propaganda minister’ Drysdale need to be held accountable and fired.

I urge you to share this information widely. It’s crucial that we demand change and hold our county officials to higher standards. Eric Brown and Bethany Drysdale’s resignation or dismissal seems not only necessary but long overdue.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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