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The video provides a close-up view of Sparks PD body cam footage. It shows the wife of the county manager, who is nearly four times over the legal alcohol limit, driving through a construction zone.

She hits signs, dangerously veers onto a curb, and blows out her tire, her car is too damaged to continue, and she is too intoxicated to continue driving.

When the police arrive, she fails the field sobriety test and repeatedly mentions that her husband is the county manager.

Despite her actions, she is taken to the county jail and then astonishingly released without jail time or a DUI charge.

In contrast, if an ordinary citizen were in her position, they would likely face severe consequences, as did Mr. Ortega. The video includes a side-by-side comparison of these two cases.

While the county manager’s wife faces only a $640 fee and no DUI, we learn that many favors were possibly called in by Brown to prevent his wife’s incarceration. There’s also information suggesting that Eric Brown himself was intoxicated and may have picked her up from jail in that state.

This video is the first in a series focusing on Eric Brown, highlighting the need for his removal from office.

Actions speak louder than words; it’s time to get involved and demand his peaceful dismissal from office, we all deserve better.


P.S. For full access to the original Sparks PD body cam footage, police reports, court documents, toxicology reports, and more, please visit the following link:

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