In the past two posts, I’ve shown you that Alexis Hill and Devon Reese both were selected, not elected, by some illegal function in the Washoe County election system.

In today’s post, I will again show you that Angie Taylor was selected, not elected as well.

What do all three of these people have in common, aside from being illegitimate public servants?

They all share Marxist ideologies; they all go against the grain of common-sense politics, policies, and conservatism. These are the types of people who are turning America into what our founders feared: communism, which is the goal of socialism.

It became quite clear when I was asked to do a recall of Angie Taylor that she didn’t get the votes reported. We knocked on thousands of doors looking for signatures to sign our recall petitions to oust the past chair of the Washoe County school board. What we found was that the voter rolls and the reported votes cast were a disgrace.

In a recall, you are required to get 25% of the people who voted in the election that the person was elected in. So for us, it was the 2020 election “voters.” We had to get 25% of the “voters” in her district that “voted” to sign our petition. After walking and knocking on thousands of doors, it became evident the election was a fraud.

For us to get the signatures needed, we would have had to have one out of every two voters sign the petition, as so much of what was reported was false. Trying to find 1 in 2 voters, at home or at stores in the district, was impossible. It clearly showed us that the election was rigged.

We found overwhelmingly that the people who were reported living at the addresses and voted didn’t vote for Taylor; they voted for Matthew Montognese, who had a very active door-knocking campaign himself. He is a very well-regarded Christian man in the district, and he is the true winner, as I will show you here shortly.

Taylor is the person in the school board meeting the press loves to show and quote me for saying, “I have a shit ton of money and I will do everything I can to legally remove her.” She has been in the school system for numerous years and is now an Assemblywoman.

Washoe County schools, as you are aware, are the worst in the nation and are no longer recognizable as a place where you want your child to go to learn, let alone use the toilet. It’s a disgrace what’s happened to WCSD, and what’s worse is they have one of the largest budgets in the country per capita, coming in at 1.4 billion dollars! They always say they “just need more money,” yet we never find out where all the past money went, nor do the schools improve.

It’s not a money thing; it’s an ideology thing. It’s clear now how it happens: stolen elections and selection of Marxist candidates.

In the following proof of election fraud, we will again use the Layman’s Calculation to show you a shockingly accurate and easy way a 4th grader (well, maybe not a WCSD 4th grader) can go precinct to precinct in the Washoe County Certified Election Results and see for yourself: someone or something rigged the election for Taylor to defeat Montognese when, in reality, Montognese won. If Matthew Montognese and several other rightful winners were on the school board as the voters intended, our schools would be cleaned up by now. Instead, they are a Marxist cesspool, destroying the minds and bodies of our youth.

See for yourself. Just like in yesterday’s post, simply do the following:

Here we go, follow along:

(Step 1)

Start by going to our Treason Page:

(Step 2)

Click the “view here” button for the 2020 CVR Data

(Step 3)

Once you click “view here,” the CVR should automatically download. Use a PC; if you use a MAC, the CSV files are not friendly at all and most likely will crash your MAC.

(Step 4)

If using a PC, once you open the CSV, find the Montognese vs. Taylor Race.

Excerpt from Beadles vs. Jamie Rodriguez et al. CV23-01341

Angela Taylor vs. Mathew Montognese District E 2020 School Board Race.

“Similar to the Reese Lorton Race, Plaintiff again proves that using the layman’s calculation, one can predict the unpredictable with mathematical impossibility.

The Plaintiff will randomly select Precinct 3019.

Find these 4 vote totals

Taylor Mail-In Vote Total of  196
Taylor Early Vote Total of  74
Montognese Mail-In Vote Total of 93
Montognese Early Vote Total of 42

Now then simply add together all the votes for both candidates which equals 405
Now then multiply 405 by .579% which equals 234.49
Now then take Montognese Early Vote of 42 and multiply it by .989 which equals 41.53
Now minus 41.53 from 234.49 which equals 192.95
Now add 6.11 to 192.95 which equals 199.06
We just predicted Taylors Mail In Vote at 199.06

The County Certified results swear under penalty of perjury Taylor received 196 votes!

The layman’s calculation here again impossibly predicts the fraudulent certification by 3 votes!

For the readers wondering, is he just adding numbers together? Fear not, if you want to make sense of this impossible prediction calculator, read [Exhibits 104 and 105] for a detailed academic explanation of how these calculations are created, which makes the impossible vote total predictions possible.”

There you have it, folks. Don’t take my word for it; do the math yourself. You will find this quick and easy formula will determine the election results with impossible accuracy in a fair election. Note: There will be some outlier precincts that the formula will not work in, but it works in most.

For the academic formula, use the documents here:


So, here again, it matters not how many votes Montognese receives; the results were predetermined, meaning no matter how many more votes Montognese received, he still always loses to Taylor due to the software hack or programming.

Here are the real results. I’m terribly sorry this is how Mathew and all his supporters have to find out. They all worked so hard and gave so much, just to have it stolen from them and from you!

At least now, everyone knows that Matthew Montognese is the true winner and Angie Taylor is truly an illegitimate servant. 

I’m not saying Taylor was in on it, but I am saying it was 100% stolen from Montognese.

Now that law enforcement knows, what will they do? Will the DA’s office assign a special prosecutor, or just continue to attack me for exposing this to all of you?

The DA, Chris Hicks, is running for Attorney General, we’re told. This is all happening on his watch. His Deputy DA is the one libel and slandering me in the press and legal proceedings. It sure doesn’t look good for them, not investigating this. I wonder why they are attacking the messenger, not the message…

Folks, if you’re wondering what’s happened to America, what’s happened to Nevada, and how our so-called public servants are so out of touch, now you know. The power and money are being controlled by illegitimate public servants.

Our county and country are being destroyed by stolen elections; it’s that simple.

The media is in on it, and much of the system is in on it; it’s up to God, you, and me to end this. This all ends when you get involved when you stop waiting for me or others to save you, and you save yourself.

If you’re fine with being locked in your homes, masked, and jabbed up, losing everything, watching our country circle the drain, do nothing.

If you are ready to say enough! Simply, peacefully, call out Law Enforcement, the Commissioners, the ROV, and our Legislature, and tell them you know it’s all rigged and you won’t stand for it any longer!

No more machines, no more AB 321, no more lockdowns for the election pandemic that allows them to further steal our votes in the shadows. Enough is enough.

Get involved, and support the lawsuit, not with money but with awareness. Stop being complacent, stop thinking someone else will do for you what you must do for yourself, and get involved!


Share this with three people, and tell them each to do the same.



How much easier can I make it for you to see it’s all rigged? What else do you need to share the proof and get involved? It’s up to God and us; get involved now or lose it all.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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