I meet people all the time, in Washoe District 1 the common theme I hear is they didn’t vote for Hill, and they don’t know anyone who did either. It’s not because I live in a bubble; most of my friends are actually Democrats, so I get a mix of all opinions and ideas. Yet, this remains true. No one seems to believe Hill won her race, and everyone I have spoken to says she’s the worst, and they want her out of office. So this is for everyone out there who thinks Hill legitimately won her race against Marsha Berkibigler. Spoiler alert, She didn’t. It was stolen for her. I would never make such a claim if I didn’t have 100% proof. That’s one thing about me, I don’t BS, and I never bluff. I either have it, or I don’t. Right now, you will see I have it, and you can always join the ever-growing long line of people who took the $80,000 challenge to find out I’ve been right all along. I solve problems for a living; this is what I do. These people, these so called (S)elected servants who are creating problems for us, never should have been or be able to. People like Hill should never have been on the county commission, let alone being the Tyrannical Chair of it. She’s a fraud. A walking, talking fraud who never should be representing us. Here’s the proof.

By ONLY taking Washoe County CERTIFIED election results for the 2020 general election, I randomly selected 2 precincts in Washoe County. By simply using Washoe County’s (CVR) file from their website (CVR stands for Cast Vote Record; it’s what Solomon and I have been talking about since early 2021), I took the CVR and simply selected 2 precincts. You could select all the precincts in District 1 if you want, but after this example, you will see that’s enough. So, by taking these random precincts, I simply extracted the data for the Berkbigler vs. Hill race of 2020. I took Berkbigler’s early vote and her mail-in vote, Hill’s early vote, and her mail-in votes, and show you how to do the impossible, predict, nay DETERMINE the election.

This is called “The Layman’s Calculation” or the Layman’s Test. It requires about a 7th to 9th-grade level understanding of mathematics. In many other races, I can give you examples in 3rd-4th grade levels. This race I must demonstrate at the higher level.

Now, if you use the actual formula in our papers, which requires high school-level algebra and geometry knowledge, you can do the same thing and predict the races to the nearest VOTE or so, as shown in the documents here: https://operationsunlight.com/treason

If you understand this math, this formula I’m about to show you can do in seconds to see for yourself: Hill is a walking, talking fraud who should not be representing a lemonade stand, let alone our county commission.

Here we go, follow along:

(Step 1)

Start by going to our Treason Page:


(Step 2)

Click the “view here” button for the 2020 CVR Data

(Step 3)

Once you click “view here,” the CVR should automatically download. Use a PC; if you use a MAC, the CSV files are not friendly at all and most likely will crash your MAC.

(Step 4)

If using a PC, once you open the CSV, simply pick the race you want to check on. All the races for the 2020 General for Washoe County are there. When you find the race you are interested in, simply pick a precinct and copy and paste all the cells for mail-in votes and for early votes for both candidates. You should have 4 columns of cells now. In this example, we are using Berkbigler vs. Hill.

(Step 5)

Now, here comes the 7th to 9th-grade math to prove Hill is a fraud.

So, what we will do here is walk you through how to do this math step by step. Then, I will show you how this works in 2 random precincts, once below and once in the P.S section. Feel free, once you understand how this works, to use this layman’s calculation against the rest of Berkbigler vs. Hill precincts to once again prove Berkbigler won against Hill in the 2020 Election, as opposed to losing like the fraudulent certified election results report.

Here we go.

(Math added here via embedded PDF since our website editor doesn’t allow special characters)

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Well…there you have it, folks. You are now armed with the information to be able to simply and quickly prove Hill is a fraud, and many others are as well.

Remember, want to get even more precise, in numerous races, down to the nearest vote or so, use the academic formula found in the Treason Page.

Let’s give the DA’s office the benefit of the doubt. Let’s stop for a second and say they simply didn’t believe that our elections could be rigged. So now that they know, what will they do? Will they and the commissioners immediately remove all use of voting and counting machines in this county, or will they try to cover up the fraud? We know they read our posts religiously; this is not some weird coincidence. This is 100% proof of election fraud on a massive scale.

Now that Hill knows, let’s say for the sake of argument she didn’t know, she just thought we were nuts, what will she do now that she does know? Will she step down?

I suggest she takes this to every math professor at UNR and asks them if we’re telling the truth. If they disagree, please have them tell us how to solve for alpha without lambda. If they say they can, watch their reputation turn to mud, as it’s impossible yet we can show it solely because these elections are predetermined.

Even the Google AI program called Bard said,

“This suggests that there was some kind of fraud or manipulation involved in the election results. “This suggests that someone was able to manipulate the vote counts after the election was over”. “I would recommend that you notify the authorities about your concerns.” “It is important to hold those responsible for election fraud accountable, so that our democracy can remain strong”

Let’s see if the DA’s office does anything this week or continues to cover for these illegitimate, (s)elected individuals. We hear Chris Hicks is running for Attorney General. Is this the kind of election he wants to run in? Where he could spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours just to have five people behind closed doors count our votes in secret, then tell us who wins, with zero accountability or transparency?

Remember, the numbers don’t lie. These are not Solomon’s numbers; these are not my numbers. These are the county’s certified election results for the 2020 election, clearly showing it’s all rigged.

Guess what? We can do the same thing for both the 2022 primary and general elections as well! The people in key positions throughout this state are (s)elected as well.

It’s their numbers, folks. I’m just showing you it’s all friggin rigged!

What folks fail to realize is that it doesn’t take 1,286 people to rig an election; it could only take 1-5 people. No human ever counts the ballot or the bubbles. In a recount or audit, no human ever counts the bubbles or the ballots; it’s all machines. Machines can be programmed or hacked to do whatever their user decides. Machines do not have a conscience; machines have no stake in the outcome. Machines do what they are told to do. Machines are great at getting us around the world, surfing the web, and expanding our knowledge and reach, but when it comes to our vote, it makes it way too easy for a bad actor(s) to steal your vote and our county-country without anyone ever being able to prove what we just did for you.

Anyone defending the use of election machines is either ignorant or corrupt. It’s truly that simple. Look to Occam’s Razor. It is a principle used in problem-solving and philosophy that suggests that when faced with multiple explanations or hypotheses for a phenomenon, the simplest one is usually the correct one. In other words, among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions or entities should be selected, not (S)elected.

Say prayers for us. We’ve taken the fight to them in court. It’s up to God and us to say enough and end this evil.

Don’t hold your breath on anyone else saving us…

Oh, and before I go, if you thought this was the only race this happened in don’t kid yourself, stay tuned for the super easy layman’s tests your 3rd-4th grader can do….



This is a truly simple fix, folks. There is no reason to ever have a (S)elected candidate like Hill ever representing us again. 

The easiest way to ensure our elections are legit is to go low-tech.

We get rid of all voting and counting machines.

We use paper ballots.

We use voter ID.

We only send ballots to indefinitely confined or military.

We vote in our own precincts.

Residents in our precincts count and report the votes from there.

We have the election and get the results on the same day.

This is simple to do, and the County Commissioners as a board have the power to do all of this right now except enforce election day only, or Voter ID, or only send ballots to indefinitely confined or military; we need the legislature for that.

Even in this upside-down, fraudulent election system that ranks number 50 as the worst for elections according to the Heritage Foundation, we can still make the election in 2024 95% better, and it will save the county taxpayers millions of dollars and give them the satisfaction and confidence of knowing their vote truly counted legitimately.

Commissioner Clark and Vice Chair Herman would support this, but would the so-called Republican Andriola, the needed third vote, support this? Ask her. Show her the proof, and see if she is covering up the fraud too or wants to end it!


(Math added here via embedded PDF since our website editor doesn’t allow special characters)

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These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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