In yesterday’s post, I shared with you a piece of my lawsuit against Washoe County, CV23-01341. 

It clearly shows that Alexis Hill was not the rightful winner in the 2020 Washoe County District 1 Commissioner race against the incumbent Marsha Berkbigler. 

What was odd was in November 2020, I remember election night was going great for Berkbigler. All the votes were going her way and then suddenly, the count and reporting stopped. When it returned, Berkbigler was behind Hill, which defied logic. 

Hill was unknown and hardly qualified. Berkbigler, on the other hand, was highly qualified, very well-known, and loved by the majority of her constituents. Hill has never been loved, nor has she become loved by her District’s constituents. Clearly, after I presented what happened in yesterday’s post, you quickly saw that the race was stolen from Berkbigler, and Hill is a fraud sitting in office that, as of today, the DA’s office has refused to do anything about. Hopefully, my lawsuit will remove her from office via NRS 283.440.

Now that we know Hill is in office via a fraudulent election, let’s turn to another officeholder who received his office via the same fraud, in the same election, Devon Reese.

Devon Reese ran against Eddie Lorton for City Council at-large in the 2020 general race. Lorton is known all throughout Reno. He is loved by most and held in very high regard. He’s a local business owner who has been fighting for Washoe and the City of Reno forever. He has been right about all of the shenanigans the City and County have done and want to do. He butts heads with the city’s elite as he’s a man of the people, not special interests. He does what’s right, at great cost to himself personally. He is truly a great man.

Devon Reese, on the other hand, isn’t even widely liked by his own Democrat party. And if I were to tell you all that we’ve uncovered about Reese, we’d need to do a 10-part series, but I’ll keep this brief. Devon is basically the opposite of Lorton in every regard, from what we’re told and have seen.

Now what’s interesting about this race is the Democrats had little optimism about Reese winning. Most thought it would be a blowout for Lorton, yet it wasn’t, at least, it wasn’t reported that way. So what happened? 

Well, folks, it was rigged too. Rigged for Reese. Again, I would never say anything I couldn’t prove or have witnesses to back this up. Here again, I will show you, now that I’ve told you.

This is what I referred to yesterday as the Layman’s Calculation. It’s under “The Proof Of Truth” in lawsuit CV23-01341. This calculation is far easier than yesterday’s proof of the steal where Hill’s race was rigged against Berkbigler. This calculation is simple for most 4th graders. However, we all know how bad the schools are here in Washoe, and I know why, so I’ll save the punchline for tomorrow’s post. 🙂

Anyways, a 4th grader should be able to prove Reese’s race was stolen, and Lorton is the true winner.

Just like yesterday, do the following:

Here we go, follow along:

(Step 1)

Start by going to our Treason Page:

(Step 2)

Click the “view here” button for the 2020 CVR Data

(Step 3)

Once you click “view here,” the CVR should automatically download. Use a PC; if you use a MAC, the CSV files are not friendly at all and most likely will crash your MAC.

(Step 4)

If using a PC, once you open the CSV, find the Lorton vs. Reese Race.

(Step 5)

Now, here comes the 4th-grade math to prove Reese is a fraud.

So, what we will do here is walk you through how to do this math step by step. Feel free, once you understand how this works, to use this layman’s calculation against the rest of Lorton vs Reese precincts to once again prove Lorton won against Reese in the 2020 Election, as opposed to losing like the fraudulent certified election results report. Remember, this is the layman’s calculation so it is extremely accurate but you will find some outliers that won’t make sense in some precincts. Use the academic formula for margin of error that is mathematically impossible

Here we go.

I will randomly select Precinct 1033. Using ONLY the county’s certified election results, we do the following:

Find these 4 vote totals

Reese Mail-In Vote Total of  355

Reese Early Vote Total of  172

Lorton Mail-In Vote Total of 132

Lorton Early Vote Total of 143

Now then simply add together all the votes for both candidates which equals 802

Now then multiply 802 by 50% which equals 401

Now then take Reeses 355 mail-in votes and multiply them by 73% which equals 259.15

Now then take 401 and minus the 259.15 from it which equals 141.85

Now simply add 2.42 to 141.85 which equals 144.27

Why does this matter? 

Because the Washoe County Certified Vote Total for Lorton’s Early Vote Total in Precinct 1033 is… 143!

We just did and solved the impossible; this layman’s calculation predicted Lorton would receive 144 votes! The County reported Lorton received 143! We were off by one vote!

“If the reader is skeptical, fear not. The plaintiff will give three more examples and then explain how this is not a trick. This means the election was predetermined. Someone or something set the boundaries of these elections, and no matter how many votes come in, the hacked or programmed software will never allow Lorton, to win, regardless of how many more votes they receive than their opponent as shown in [Exhibits 60-68, 95, 104, 105, 110, 112, 128, 129]” -CV23-01341

So there you have it, folks. Like magic, anyone with a fourth-grade education can use the County Certified Election Reportings. Go precinct to precinct in the Lorton vs. Reese race and see, you will be able to DETERMINE the vote outcome by doing just the above. This is not a trick; this shows there is a predetermined mechanism in place rigging the election for Reese. No matter how many votes Lorton would have gotten, he still would have lost.

Remember, this is the Layman’s Calculation. For the Academic calculation, go to:


That formula is for math teachers, graduate students, etc., who will be able to determine the listed election within an impossible margin of error.

You can see even more proof of Lorton’s TRUE Victory here:

Here’s the true results:

So now that we know Devon Reese is illegitimately holding office, what will the DA’s office do? What will law enforcement do? Pray my lawsuit is victorious; it seems like it’s all up to God and us. It appears the crooks are running the bank…I’d love to be wrong, and would happily champion ”law enforcement” endlessly if they just simply did their damn jobs. 

Maybe the new Police Chief can get involved, and the DA can assign special counsel so they remain free of conflict?

Wouldn’t that be something to support?

I’m not saying Reese had anything to do with this, but I am 100% saying it happened!

Reese is illegitimate, as are so many others holding office.

Congratulations Eddie. Now everyone knows you’re the real winner. 

I’m just sorry for him and everyone who put in the time, money, and effort, all just to have it stolen from them all.

Enough is enough. Stop sitting on the fence. Call out this BS while you still have a fence to sit on.



The greatest theft is not just them stealing our voices through stolen elections, but the fact they steal our voices, and give us a (s)elected servant who then appoints numerous people to key positions. For example, Reno City Council is over 60% appointed individuals now. That means 60% of Reno had their voices and votes stolen; they were never allowed to decide who will represent and serve them.

Let that sink in.

They say they are all for elections, yet stole 60% of the seats of the City Council via appointment. If you’re wondering why Reno has turned into such a craphole, there you go.

Get off the fence, peacefully. Let these people know we know they’re frauds, and all the voting and counting machines are never to be used again, and AB 321 must be struck down as unconstitutional and a threat to national security.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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