We’re told Commissioner Alexis Hill and County Manager Eric Brown are denying representation for all of Washoe County District 2 and all of Washoe County District 5.

Alexis Hill confessed in an interview that she decided to end public comment, denying all Washoe residents their First Amendment rights. Without a vote of the whole commission board, she has taken away our voice. We’re told she did it because she, Manager Brown, Commissioners Andriola, and Garcia is facing such a backlash from the community, evident in their comments. Rather than address our concerns, she takes away our ability to voice our grievances in the name of “efficiency.” It’s total crap, and even the Democrats are upset by it.

What’s worse? Hill and Brown are deciding what can and what CANNOT go on the agenda for public discussion as well as the vote of the board to approve or deny agenda items for County Commission Districts 5 and 2!

That’s around 200,000 people they are denying representation to. Additionally, many of the items that Vice Chair County Commissioner Herman and County Commissioner Clark would add to the agenda would benefit all 500,000 residents of Washoe if approved. By doing so, they’re being denied representation and benefits to all 500,000 Washoe Residents!

As I’ve covered several times before, Hill and Brown have no right whatsoever to keep Herman’s and Clark’s agenda items off the agenda as long as it does not “substantially conflict with the law or with the ability of the county to carry out its administrative operations and duties.”


There it is in black and white. I’m told the county refuses to follow its own guidelines. One commissioner and an unelected County manager are depriving 500,000 people of representation!

If this continues, I will be putting together a class action lawsuit for my district, District 5, with Vice Chair County Commissioner Herman in mind. I don’t bluff. This totalitarianism must end. I urge District 2 citizens to do the same, and I will assist them.

This blatant disregard for our rights must end. We The People, must have proper representation. In today’s County Commissioners meeting, remember to urge the commissioners peacefully to vote no on items 13, 14, and 15 and allow Commissioners Herman and Clark to add their constituents’ needs to the agenda. Enough is enough.

Lastly, we were just informed that County Manager Eric Brown has appointed a 2nd in command of the ROV’s office, a guy named Mark Delatorre. We’re told he comes straight from the county manager’s office, that he has zero election experience, and is now second in control of the elections. He was not voted in by the commissioners, nor does he seem to possess the skills needed for the job. How does Brown have the authority to completely take over our elections? Why aren’t we searching high and low in the county for experienced individuals to handle our most cherished right, our vote? Enough is enough.


Today, Tuesday 8/15

9:45 am

1001 E 9th St


Be here

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