If you’re concerned by the fact that the likes of Alexis Hill, Eric Brown, Clara Andriola, and Marliuz Garcia are muzzling our voices through the removal of public comment and the implementation of the E-Bot, E-Comment system, you’ll be appalled at their latest offensive against our two civic superheroes, Commissioner Clark and Vice Chair Commissioner Jeanne Herman.

These above-named individuals are systematically thwarting Clark and Herman from adding anything to the county commission board meeting agenda. In essence, they have succeeded in silencing the voices of the residents of two districts in Washoe County who rely on the representation of Herman and Clark.

This course of action is anything but ethical or moral and certainly not what we should expect from public servants. Yet, they persist in their actions, which are not only contrary to the county’s rules and procedures but also a flagrant disrespect to Clark, Herman, and the citizens they represent.

A quick perusal of the Washoe County Board of County Commissioners Rules of Procedure handbook reveals yet another instance of Brown’s failure to serve the county and his deliberate obstruction of Herman and Clark in bringing the people’s business to the agenda.

Don’t just take my word for it. Read it for yourself here:


The handbook clearly states that “any commissioner may place an item on the agenda by so requesting in a public meeting or by contacting the county manager.”

Clark and Herman have done precisely that, both publicly at county commission meetings and directly to Eric Brown, yet their requests have been denied by Hill and Brown in direct violation of the established rules and procedures!

The only acceptable grounds for such denial are if the proposed item “substantially conflicts with the law or with the ability of the county to carry out its administrative operations and duties.”

We all know that nothing proposed by Clark or Herman would violate the law or disrupt county operations.

Take, for instance, the suggestion to reinstate public comment. Such an action is neither illegal nor harmful to the county, but it would highlight the public’s disapproval of Brown, Hill, Garcia, and Andriola, which is likely why they refuse to include it on the agenda.

Or consider Herman’s proposal for an election integrity resolution. Who could possibly be against free and fair elections? Perhaps Hill, Garcia, and Andriola? If not, why wouldn’t they allow it on the agenda?

The answer is as clear as day. Herman and Clark represent us, the people, whereas Hill, Brown, Garcia, and Andriola do not!

Our course of action, then, is clear. We must inform Clark and Herman that they are being deprived of their elected duties and that We The People, are being robbed of representation. If they continue to be denied the right to place items on the agenda, we will initiate a countywide class-action lawsuit against Brown, Hill and the County itself.

Their responsibilities are clear, yet they continue to break them, much like the classic despotic commies, robbing us once again.

Enough is enough. If they refuse to abide by the rules, we will not hesitate to take legal action.



Enough is truly enough; by now, you should know I don’t bluff. Our attorneys are standing by, calling this the easiest win of their careers, and it will cost the county millions. I guess it’s better for the money to go to us than their buddies they have been wheelbarrowing our millions of tax dollars to. Enough is enough.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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