Someone recently nudged me to watch an interview featuring Commissioner Hill on “Nevada News Makers” with host Sam Chad. The buzz was that it was a must-see. They were right.

From the onset, it felt like watching an episode from a poorly-scripted weird energy skit. Hill, with her forced smile, radiated a bizarre, totalitarian Kermit The Frog-type energy. But, as laughable as that was, it wasn’t the crux of my concern.

Throughout the “interview,” Sam seemed to spoon-feed Hill what looked like highly-scripted questions. But the façade cracked multiple times. For instance, Hill unashamedly mentioned her passion for “gaveling down” citizens at commissioner meetings, denying them their chance to speak. I always thought the chair of a meeting was to facilitate, not suppress?

She didn’t stop there. Hill cast wide aspersions, labeling critics of Manager Eric Brown’s subpar performance as racists! She unflinchingly acknowledged that she was the architect behind silencing opening public comments, supposedly for more “efficient” county business. Yet, from my perspective, these meetings often seem less about the county’s citizens and more about channeling huge sums to dubious beneficiaries – possibly linked to her or other commissioners.

The icing on this distasteful cake was her proclamation about lobbyists needing to disclose their identities and affiliations with Eric Brown. Disclosure? I’m all for it. But here’s the catch: Hill’s remarks subtly hint that those attending the commissioner meetings might be pocketing a check. This assertion is not just absurd but insulting. Many attend these meetings, sacrificing their personal time and commitments to voice their concerns. To insinuate, they’re there for monetary gain is delusional and disgraceful.

This feigned concern is even more glaring when you consider our previous revelations. Our past posts highlighted how Hill was orchestrating resistance against Vice Chair Commissioner Herman’s election integrity resolution. We’ve got the receipts. Many who attended were being compensated $60 an hour, with some associated or employed by organizations directly benefiting from Hill’s interventions. Her people were shuttled in, fed, and facilitated by far left-leaning organizations. Where are their lobbyist badges? The audacity of accusing innocent folks while being complicit in the very act is appalling.

The interview, scripted as it might be, inadvertently cast the sunlight on the real Alexis Hill. To both Democrats and Republicans of Washoe, her true colors shone. I’m positive she is on the fast track to a resounding electoral defeat. And Marsha Berkbigler? She’s primed to stomp Hill in a straight-up, fair contest at the ballots box. Don’t believe me? Watch the interview. She’s done.

Come Tuesday, let’s rally. Peacefully speak out against Hill’s attempts to muzzle public comments. Remind both Hill and Brown about Commissioner Clark and Herman’s bid to restore public comments on the agenda. Let’s see which commissioners vote to restore the people’s First Amendment vs trample it. Let’s also challenge the atrocious decision to outsource our ballots when Nevada can manage every step of our election processes in-house and in-state. We’ve additionally learned that Vice Chair Commissioner Hermans’ equal representation election committee proposal has been torn apart and stuffed back together with communist intentions. What was meant to ensure transparency and representation has been taken over, neutered even. Say a loud “no” to this election committee and the ballot outsourcing. Put your peaceful foot down on agenda items 13,14,15 and tell the commissioners to vote NO.

It’s time for a change of leadership. I’m over the Hill, how about you?



Catch up on the meeting agenda for this coming Tuesday here:

Show up this Tuesday at 9:45 am

1001 E 9th Street


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