Ballot blunders, no, I’m not talking about the last election here in Washoe County when Manager Eric Brown and gang were responsible for “misprinted” God only knows how many 100s of thousands of ballots, and God only knows where they all went. Today we’re talking about the newest “blunder”.

As many of you have witnessed in Washoe County, it seems the self-serving servants here persistently make blundering decisions concerning our elections, for reasons unbeknownst to us. Over the years, we’ve attempted to alert them to their grievous mistakes, providing ample examples, personal testimonies, and first-hand knowledge. However, our concerns have only been met with disregard.

Recently, we witnessed Eric Brown lying to the entire commissioner’s board. He claimed that The Elections Group wouldn’t, and hasn’t been, on-site at the Registrar of Voters office. But the truth quickly surfaced that they had been there already and had spent considerable time interviewing ROV staff and conducting other undisclosed activities.

Eric Brown, along with Alexis Hill, seems to be going to great lengths to reinstate The Elections Group in Washoe, even after we have unearthed potential violations of law by this group while working for the county, as detailed in this post. The Elections Group, already embroiled in controversy and seemingly leaning to the uber-far left, has a leadership team with an equally controversial track record. Still, Brown and Hill are eager to bring them back. Refer to previous posts to grasp what I mean, and be aware that their efforts to bring back this group are unrelenting.

Last time, Commissioner Andriola sided with the commies to officially establish “TEG” here. By no means does Commissioner Andriola “Android” AKA “Clarabell The Clown,” embody conservatism, and she certainly does not represent We The People. We will ensure she is relieved of her appointed office by next year, if not sooner. She has lost all meaningful support due to her recent actions. If you think she’s lost support already, you haven’t seen anything yet. Soon the county and her district will become aware of her past and present indiscretions.

Furthering this blundering narrative, Eric Brown has enlisted temporary agencies from Las Vegas and Florida to staff our elections. He has outsourced the management of our elections and machines to out-of-state companies. He has outsourced the software, poll books, etc, to out of staters. Now, he has outsourced our printed ballots and election materials to one of the most controversial ballot printing companies globally, Runbeck.

Every state where Runbeck has a presence has high levels of controversy surrounding them. They have been accused of everything under the sun when it comes to elections of a questionable nature. No doubt, you’ve heard about the controversies surrounding the ballots in Arizona and Georgia? If not, I’ll provide some links below for you to explore.

Many so-called fact-checkers might argue that questioning the integrity of our elections poses a threat to our “democracy.” However, we know that these fact-checkers have often been proven wrong. In court, it has been affirmed that these fact-checkers are mostly just opinion givers, typically funded and operated by organizations leaning far to the left.

Imagine a sinister force controlling education, entertainment, information systems, government agencies, social media platforms, financial platforms, and even our elections and the world of fact-checking. Consider the misinformation and falsehoods they could disseminate among the populace. Isn’t that what we’re witnessing in real time?

To sum it up, under County Manager Eric Brown and Commissioner Alexis Hill, our elections in Washoe County have been entrusted to the incompetent. Worse still, they’ve involved controversial, left-leaning organizations to run our election machinery, provide the software, manage the poll books and labor, and now even print our ballots and election materials.

Despite having excellent Nevada printers capable of doing all these tasks, they continue to outsource to the most controversial entities, with deep ties to the far left. These far-left companies Eric Brown has outsourced to additionally have huge financial ties and donations to far left organizations as well. Why is that? I believe we all know the answer.

Here is the County RFP Information:

What’s very concerning is we have qualified Nevada printers who are more than able to do this work. In fact they already work for County governments in Nevada, but not Clark or Washoe. I wonder why that is….Is this a blunder or something more sinister at work? Stay tuned, this is a developing story and will be one epic week.



If you need some examples of the controversy surrounding Runbeck, check out these articles below. They’ve been accused of everything imaginable, and unless the board intervenes, they will now be responsible for printing our ballots and election materials.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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