Mariluz Garcia or Marialuz Garcia, depending on which government documents you’re looking at, has some explaining to do.

When Mariluz was running for County Commissioner District 3, a candidate running against her hired a private investigator to see if Garcia actually lived in the district she was running for office in.

This investigator, in addition to several other investigations into Garcia, led to the following allegations she has thus far failed to refute nor prove false.

Garcia seriously has some explaining to do. This could be a serious crime and prison time for her if true.

Here’s the condensed version of what was presented in yesterday’s clown show of a commissioner’s meeting run by Comrade Alexis Hill-Insky:

Timeline for Marialuza Garcia

4/6/21 – Her divorce papers that are filed with the court for 50/50 custody show her address is a home outside of the district she represents. The home has a nice front and back yard, perfect for her two children.

2/25/22 – Driver’s License shows it was updated to a new address at the apartment that is in her district for the commission seat she’s running for.

3/7/22 – Candidate paperwork filed, showing her home at an apartment complex, with no yards for her kids.

5/11/22 – She files paperwork with County Assessor’s Office showing she started to rent out her home for only $1,450 per month.

So there are two important dates we need to cover. According to Schmidt v. State, the court discusses the residency requirement for candidates as set forth in NRS 293.1755(1), which requires a candidate to reside in the state, district, county, township, or other area prescribed by law for at least 30 days prior to filing for candidacy.

So if you look at her 2/25/22 change to her driver’s license and then the 3/7/22 date of filing her candidacy papers, there are not 30 days between them.

Then if you look at the Secretary of States website, it states, “for non-federal offices, reside within the boundaries of the district where you plan to run for office, beginning on a date at least 30 days immediately preceding the close of declarations-of-candidacy filing for this office”

Which, again, from 2/25/22 to 3/18/22 would not be 30 days either.

Then, of course, we have witnesses who say she never lived there at all, so this would all be irrelevant anyways as all the paperwork and dates, in that case, would be moot as it was all done to illegally run for office if that’s the case.

So the first question is: Was she legally running for office?

The second is: Did she change addresses in time?

If those are true, which we’re not saying they are, then the next question comes: Did she only change addresses just so she could run for an office she was assured she would get?

Before you draw conclusions yet, let’s give you a bit more background. The house she “lived” in, according to court filings, has a nice front and back yard great for kids and looks like a charming place. She is renting it out for $1,450 per month. Now the apartment has no yard, and she is paying what appears to be a minimum of $2,150 to $2,950 per month!

Why would anyone downgrade and then pay potentially $1,500 a month to do so?



When renters of the apartment were interviewed, no one said they had ever seen Marialuza there, nor her car! Interesting, right? Wait, there’s more!

What’s more, there could be a potential third place she’s living at!

We have numerous firsthand witnesses that Mariluz or Marialuza Garcia is and was having a sexual relationship with then-Councilman Oscar Delgado! He is very married and now has a destroyed family unit, we’re told, due to this affair.

We have witnesses that place Garcia and her car down the street from Oscar’s home quite often. They state they see her walk from her car down the street to Oscar’s home and don’t leave until morning.

We would never say that nor type this unless we knew it to be true.

This is why Marialuza Garcia shall forever be known as Marialuz “Banging Your Man Too” Garcia.

Is this really the type of moral fiber we want representing District 3?

Regardless, questions still remain. Did she live in her district when she was running for office? Does she live in her district now? We have witnesses who will come forward and say they never saw her at the apartment, which is the only address within her district. We have other firsthand witnesses that show her staying outside her district.

Garcia will be making many public appearances, as seen here. I think we should peacefully and politely ask her when she will be stepping down or proving she lived and lives in her district.

Stay tuned, folks, We hear there may be a lawsuit coming in the near future exposing all of this in great detail.

Maybe we’ll find out if she’s illegitimately a commissioner, criminally a commissioner, or it’s all one big misunderstanding, or she just resigns.

We look forward to seeing how this plays out.



Why does Garcia say to deliver her mail at UNR? That seems like a conflict, too, right?

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