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By now, we’ve all heard about “TrackerGate.” It’s a totally laughable yet clear display of our broken system on trial. Much will be revealed, and most of your suspicions about public corruption should be confirmed. Then, we’ll see what happens. But before I get too enthusiastic about how it ends, let’s talk about Mayor Schieve and her hypocrisy.

As you know, in her lawsuit, she says she’s scared for her life and in danger until she knows who John Doe is. However, if you watch her video interview here with Sparks PD, they tell her:

– It was political; there’s no threat

– It was done by a highly respected veteran and police officer, now a PI

– It was placed on public property

– It’s completely legal

– The cops and Hillary all brainstormed how to make this illegal, by passing a bill, AB356.

Despite knowing all this, she brings a lawsuit against McNeely. Now, I’m no BAR-certified attorney, but it seems to me that McNeely should sue the heck out of her and Hartung. Additionally, this appears to be perjury to file her case in the first place, as she knew what she was alleging isn’t true. Again, don’t take my word for it; here’s the full interview of this dimwit Mayor asking these officers if they want jobs and much more:

In the 39-minute video, there are several key parts I’d like you to pay close attention to:

From 14:00 to 18:00

From 28:00 to 32:00, and then from 32:00 to 36:00

At 37:00, she offers them a job!

These moments and so many more are essential in understanding the context of the situation. If this isn’t perjury for her lawsuit, I don’t know what is. Moreover, wait until many of the things she is denying possibly come to light.

Now that you have a bit more background the dishonest local media won’t tell you let’s talk about how Schieve could be spying on you and your family.

What’s worse is that she and her associates are using COVID funds for a cow manure scooper and surveillance monitoring in the park. Yes, I didn’t make that up; it’s a real bullsh*t scooper she’s putting in the park and then placing surveillance cameras to watch you and your family in the name of COVID funds.

What does this have to do with COVID? Why do we want our children to play while being watched by who knows who? Sure, they’ll try to spin it in the name of safety, but maybe some bad guy taps into the stream and waits for you to take a call while they snatch your kid? Maybe Hillary and her gang are smoking weed, popping pills, and watching your kids swing on the set. God only knows what these hypocrites do behind the scenes. But I have many sources who know. More on that soon.

These people are hypocrites at best and, at worst, something even more sinister. Now you have one more example of how Schieve could potentially spy on your kids using COVID funds to do it.

You have her pal, Comrade Hill-Insky, doing God knows what with COVID funds when she’s not stomping her boot over and over again on the throats of our First Amendment at commissioner meetings. Then, of course, you have Brown-Stain, who is doing God knows what with our County and COVID money when he’s not apparently using his clout to get his wife out of DUIs.

While some may dismiss this issue and the $70,000 as insignificant, the reality is that instances like this accumulate into billions of dollars! This seemingly small example highlights the broader issue at hand, demonstrating the magnitude of the problem we face.

What’s funny is people used to call me divisive; now, it’s me who’s holding them back. People are waking up to this trio of troublemakers and who they really are. They are waking up in droves to the lying media and how they cover for the corrupt. People are waking up; things will get worse before they get better, but believe me, they will get better. We will lawfully get these people out of office, and we will take back our city and county, and it’s in large part thanks to many of you reading this now. These people are panicking. They should be; it’s all going to come out.

Fear not; the best is yet to come.

For proof, Schieve and her gang are using COVID funds to possibly “spy” on you and your family. Here you go:

Project Name: Oxbow Park

Remind me again how this has anything to do with COVID? Remind me again how this is even legal to use funds earmarked for COVID for literal spyware and a bullsh*t scooper?



How is it that these three individuals appear to control the purse strings of our hard-earned money without providing any transparency regarding how it’s spent? The lack of accountability raises serious questions about their intentions and actions.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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