Today was a very long day. Many of us got little sleep and then went to the county commissioners’ board meeting around 9 am. It didn’t end for us until around 7 pm.

I highly recommend you watch some of the circus on the county’s YouTube channel here:

Full warning, it’s over 9 hours long!

You will quickly see how Comrade Hill-Insky ruled with her demonic smile and crazed eyes, bashing her gavel, and trampling our First Amendment rights and numerous NRS statutes. You’ll see her rabid crazed smile as she bats away any public comment she feels is not important to the agenda item.

What’s ironic about this whole issue is she and Eric Brown-Stain are the ones who reportedly removed the opening public comment, thinking that would dissuade people from talking. Instead, all it did was make the people comment for 3 minutes on EVERY agenda item for action!

What could have been a short day went all day due to her idiocy.

Of the public comments from the public, 98% of them were all negative against Hill, Garcia, and Brown. There were so many incredible people, speaking incredible truths. All were batted away and dismissed by Comrade Hill-Insky and Eric Brown-Stain.

Now after lunch, it was clear the attorneys must have gotten to Comrade Hill-Insky and told her to roll back the Hitler because she was a very different commissioner after lunch. I doubt it was just because she was hangry. It was obvious, in my opinion, someone told her she was breaking the law with her meeting manners and definitely won’t be winning any popularity contests.

So long story short, we finally got three minutes interrupted at the end of the meeting to speak about off-agenda items, and for those incredible people who stuck it out all day, it was again 98% negative against Hill-Insky, Brown-Stain, Garcia, and newly appointed and programmed by liberals, Commissioner Android.

There is so much to cover in what was alleged against Garcia, Hill, Brown, and others. We’ll need to cover it in several posts.

The quick and dirty of it is:

Mariluz “banging your man too” Garcia needs to be investigated.

Eric Brown-Stain needs to be investigated.

Comrade Hill-Insky absolutely must be investigated.

Commissioner Android Andriola votes with commies.

We have so much to share and so much to give to the authorities. The meeting was just a sniff of what we know, with the sole purpose to see if anyone in the county would investigate or care.

Stay tuned, this was just to give you a super quick update, buckle up Washoe, it’s going to get wild when it all starts coming out!



A huge thank you goes out to Vice Chair Commissioner Herman and Commissioner Clark for fighting for us, the people. And a huge thank you also goes out to all the incredible people who showed up today. I know how busy we all are, and it’s tough to make time for this crap, but know that I love ya.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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