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It is concerning that in the name of public safety, public servants often pass more laws without effectively enforcing the ones that already exist. It begs the question: why do we need more laws if we can’t even enforce the ones we have?

Looking at two recent “Bills For Bars,” is what I call them, it’s clear that they contain loosely-worded language that could put individuals behind bars for simply violating ambiguous terms. It’s alarming that we may be at risk of incarceration for such vague reasons, and it’s unacceptable that our speech and actions may be censored in such a way.

Even as we communicate through writing, and you reading this, we may be in violation of these bills. It’s important that we continue to question the necessity and enforcement of new laws and demand that our lawmakers prioritize public safety without infringing on our rights and freedoms.

Let’s look at Senate Bill AB 406

The bill was put forward by the Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections on behalf of the Secretary of State. The committee members responsible for advancing the bill are James Ohrenschall as Chair, Skip Daly as Vice Chair, and members Nicole J. Cannizzaro, Heidi Seevers Gansert, and Lisa Krasner.

In this 10-page bill, it states that anyone – that means you or me – could be found guilty of a felony simply for questioning an election or calling for an investigation into the ROV. Speaking out against the Senate for passing this bill could also be in violation, potentially putting you behind bars. This loosely worded legislation could be used by law enforcement like a dictator uses word salad to oppress their people. It tramples all over our First Amendment rights to redress our government.

Any politician who votes for this bill should not receive another dollar from you or me. By voting for this, they are either too lazy or corrupt to read and understand what they’re voting on, or trying to hide their own corruption. It’s important to remember that there are already laws in place to address harassment, stalking, threats, battery, and other criminal behaviors. We don’t need a convoluted bill that could be misused to silence legitimate concerns about our elections.

Read the bill, then speak out against AB 406, while you still can.

Let’s now look at Senate Bill AB 356

The bill was introduced by Assemblymen Dickman, La Rue, Hatch, Anderson, Hansen, and Kasama, and is jointly sponsored by Senators Seevers Gansert, Goicoechea, Titus, Hansen, and Neal.

It is concerning that the passage of this new bill could make it illegal for licensed professionals, such as attorneys and private investigators, to investigate allegations of corruption against public servants. While there are already laws in place to protect the public from unlawful tracking or investigation, this new bill puts licensed professionals at risk of being jailed for simply doing their job.

This “Bill for Bars” is scheduled to become effective on July 1, 2023, and raises questions about the transparency and accountability of our public servants. If they were previously thought to be above the law, this bill puts it in writing for all to see.

It’s important to hold our public servants accountable and ensure that allegations of corruption are thoroughly investigated. It’s troubling that this new bill could discourage licensed professionals from doing their job, and ultimately hinder the pursuit of justice. The assemblymen and senators responsible for this bill should be held accountable for their actions and the potential consequences it may have on our society.

Back to AB 406 for a bit:

It’s important to understand that at our County Commission meeting on Tuesday, speaking out against the Elections Group could be considered a crime if AB 406 has already passed. It appears the bill will go into law on July 1, 2023. The Election Group has ties to numerous liberal dark money donors and organizations, including Soros. Why can’t we use local workers instead of bringing in these leftist organizations?

Have you seen some of the reports on the Election Group, its affiliations, and founders?

Read these:



Why Comrade Hill-Insky and Eric Brown Stain brought them back on the agenda speaks volumes. Luckily we can still use our 1st amendment and redress our government on Tuesday, but maybe not after 7/1/23!

It’s worth mentioning that the move to bring the Elections Group back for a vote after it was defeated could be actually illegal. Isn’t it un-American and illegal in itself to use bills to prevent you from speaking out against potential crimes?

We have called for a full investigation into Eric Brown, Washoe County Manager, and now into County Commission chair Alexis Hill.

Eric Brown, we’re told, has been using taxpayer dollars for himself and friends, and now we’re told Alexis Hill may be doing the very same thing!

Both of these people need to be immediately investigated and removed, not necessarily in that order.

Hill-Insky, trying to prevent public discourse, and our 1st amendment, removed the opening public comments for this coming Tuesday. Hill-Insky and Brown Stain additionally put back on the agenda every item that was defeated on 3/28/23 on the 4/11/23 agenda, and then passed them all!

Let’s take a minute and break down what happened for Tuesday’s 4/25/23 agenda.

Removing the public comment could violate NRS 241.020.3. (d) (3) (I)

(I) At the beginning of the meeting before any items on which action may be taken are heard by the public body and again before the adjournment of the meeting; or

(II) After each item on the agenda on which action may be taken is discussed by the public body, but before the public body takes action on the item.

It appears to be in violation because if she removes public comment, she has to give the proper 3 day notice as per NRS 241.020, which it appears did not happen.

How can we tell? Well, we never received notice, and if you read the agenda here, it doesn’t mention it’s removed. It just simply disappeared! Read all the comments atop the page, unless they add them after this post, as of Sunday 4/23/23 8am it’s not there!

Ready for the big violations? 

Ready for what, if true, is really going to give the lawyers something to sue for? 

It appears ALL the defeated items that were then voted on again and passed, were in violation as well!

Meaning, if true, at least the items that passed here, were done unlawfully by the commissioners’ own handbook!


Various Cares Campus Fundings

Election Group Contract

What does the county’s own handbook say? 

Great question. Here it is:

So, what does this mean in simple terms?

It appears to mean that first, proper notice wasn’t given for the removal of opening public comment, which would be a violation of the NRS.

Then, violating their own handbook per 7.2 means that since they didn’t make a PROPER motion to reconsider all the defeated items on 3/28/23, putting them on the agenda for 4/11/23 without a motion to do so would also be a violation.

Meaning all the defeated items just APPEARED on the 4/11/23 agenda without a vote by proper notice, or by Brown Stain and Hill-Insky notifying Commissioner Clark, Herman, or even us as to it even being put back on the agenda!

What does all of this mean?

It means that if true, all the items that were defeated on 3/28 and then brought back on 4/11 and passed, were done illegally.

What’s more?

What’s the real nail in the coffin for all defeated items that were then passed?

According to the NRS, any illegal action voids the entire meeting!

Meaning all passed items on 4/11/23 MUST be put back to defeated if true!

Not according to me but….. According to the NRS, “the action of any public body taken in violation of any provision of this chapter is void” NRS 241.036.

These are serious allegations that appear to have happened. It’s unethical, violates our rights, laws, and procedures, and shows that they have an agenda that is not for the people, but for themselves.

We can show ties between Comrade Hill-Insky and Eric Brown Stain to all these groups and items passed possibly illegally. These two must be investigated, and fired!

We will be revealing ties this week between Brown Stain, Hill-Insky, and several items that continue to pass for hundreds of millions of dollars.

How did Eric Brown Stain go from being poor to profitable since becoming county manager? How did Comrade Hill-Insky go from being completely unknown and not well off to a full-blown dictator in charge of our commission and county?

Stay tuned as we haven’t even begun to share what we’ve been told and already have.

Regarding the meeting on Tuesday, the first motion should be to reinstate public comment and then put all the items that were passed back to defeated. Anything less shows that they do not work for the people, but for themselves.

Don’t be silent, be peaceful, AND speak truth to power…while we still can.

See you Tuesday.

1001 East 9th Street, Reno 9:30am



We hope Assistant DA Edwards or even the DA himself will look into these serious allegations immediately and act accordingly. We The People thank them in advance for their assistance.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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