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It has come to our attention via an insider that the County Manager of Washoe County, Eric Brown, may have the ability to spend taxpayers’ money without the approval of the commissioners. This is a serious issue that requires further investigation.

Recent reports just this week, have revealed several concerns about Eric Brown’s conduct. His Brown budget lacks transparency and raises serious questions about its accuracy. He has been accused of using his power to potentially silence taxpayers and of bringing in far-left groups to influence elections. Additionally, he has allegedly used his position to get his wife out of a DUI.

A Washoe County insider has approached us with information that suggests Brown may be using taxpayer money for personal expenses and potentially receiving kickbacks for contracts just under $100,000. This raises questions about where the rest of the money is going and who is benefiting from it.

These allegations require a full audit of Eric Brown’s expenditures, contracts, and budget. We need to know exactly where every penny of taxpayer money is going and who is benefitting from it. We cannot allow a lack of transparency and accountability to continue.

Therefore, we call for a full-blown investigation into County Manager Eric Brown and a complete audit of his spending. The audit should include an examination of his personal expenditures and credit card transactions on county expense accounts and all contracts or expenditures that occurred without board approval.

We urge the commissioners to take this matter seriously and act accordingly. The citizens of Washoe County deserve transparency and accountability from their county officials.

This, from the county itself, shows the potential for this insider to be correct. Have you seen where any of these under $100,000 actually go?

Even the so-called Brown budget, which is as clear as Brown mud, does not provide transparency about where the money goes. So, it is not surprising that we may not be able to identify where the spending under $100,000 goes either.

It’s all the more reason for a full-blown investigation and audit into current Washoe County Manager Eric Brown.

It’s time to “follow the yellow brick road” with a full-blown investigation and audit into current Washoe County Manager Eric Brown.

Reach out to your commissioners below.

County Commissioners: 

Alexis Hill (District 1)

Michael Clark (District 2)

Mariluz Garcia (District 3)

Clara Andriola (District 4)

Jeanne Herman (District 5)



It’s been a busy Brown week. We have so much more to share and no clue where to start. But by Monday, I’m sure we’ll have it sorted out. Just know, if you think what we’ve shared this week was revealing, you haven’t seen nuthin yet!

It’s time to Investigate Brown!

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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