Did anyone watch this or show up to the 4/18/23 County Commissioner Board Meeting?

Look at the 1 BILLION PLUS dollar budget proposed and voted to move forward on.

When the presenter was walking us through the presentation, between her shaky voice and total missing details, I was in shock.

Hard to imagine, right? When we live in Wicked Washoe, you’d think I’d be used to it.

But I digress.

If I had presented this presentation to an investor audience, I would have been laughed out of the meeting. If I gave this presentation to the IRS, I would have been locked up.

Now, having built a few billion-dollar endeavors, I know what to look for, and in defense of the commissioners, they may not. But they should all ask a ton of questions and then bring in some subject matter experts.

The group that helped put this presentation together, I have no idea how they got the job, but if I were a betting man, I’d say it was the usual suspect Eric Brown, as it’s HIS proposed budget, as seen at the top of the screen here.

I showed up in person and called out the following:

  • 23.1 million to some indigenous fund
  • 21.9 million to a homelessness fund
  • 6.15 million on debt service
  • 12.6 million to the ROV.
  • Yet only 3.4 million to our most precious senior community?

Later, the presenter tried to throw shade on my statements (I wasn’t there for her smoke and mirrors presentation), and she said it’s actually 7 million dollars to the seniors. That’s interesting, so if that’s the case, why does the budget show $3.4 million to them?

She stated it’s because there are other funds not shown in the budget that equal 7 million dollars going to them.

So, full freaking stop right there.

That means nothing here can be trusted. So if they say it’s 21.9 million to the homeless, it could really be 4 zillion dollars!

None of the commissioners caught this. But Commissioners Clark and Herman did do a great job asking some basic questions for We the People.

Back to the BS budget, think about it, they are presenting a budget, but then when called out on an item, they say never mind that there’s more money over here for it. So how in the hell can anyone know what the real budget is if they’re hiding all the various loose change, slush funds, etc.? You have to disclose every penny! Where it comes from, where it’s at, where it goes, that’s how it’s done!

Look, It’s simple. This entire presentation is smoke and mirrors. It’s all high-level numbers with zero detail.

Meaning, if they say 1 trillion dollars, 4 unicorns, 4 pink elephants, and a partridge in a pear tree go to the County Manager’s office, when you look at the actual detail, the fine print, the line items under the general description or fund, it may ALL go to Eric Brown’s back pocket and just the partridge in a pear tree to his crew!

Folks, there is NO detail showing where the money goes, and there is NO real public audit on where ALL the previous money went!

Could you imagine you’re in an IRS audit, and you said you have nothing to declare for taxes because the $100,000 you received in wages all went to deductible items!

Do you think that would fly? Just like a pig, right? Ya, that’s Eric Brown’s budget…

It’s very interesting Commissioner Mike Clark brought up a great point. He asked why Eric Brown and his “Angels” all got raises and perks, but almost nobody else did.

Commissioner Jeanne Herman brought up a great point. Why does the ROV need so much money? They just remodeled twice last election.

Yes, Eric Brown, why does the ROV need another 12 or more million dollars for probably less than 200,000 voters? That is, if you clean the voter rolls, we’d go from 300,000 so-called voters to 200,000 real voters or LESS!

So bottom line, this is all smoke and mirrors. It’s time we demand an audit of where all the money went and where the OVER 1 BILLION dollars are really going.

Call out the corruption. They say it goes for a vote on 5/16. I’ll keep you posted if it does. There’s no way we can possibly let this pass as is. We have way too many issues in this county and zero transparency into where all the money goes and why we have so many problems.

Don’t even get me started on our last-place school system and its 1.3+ billion dollar budget. We have to stop rewarding corruption and incompetence with our money!

In the meantime, know that I have no problem paying good people good wages, but why are Eric’s Angels the only ones getting bonuses, allowances, and raises?

Is it because it’s Eric Brown’s budget? 

What else has Eric put in this budget he may be profiting from? We hear he’s doing very well financially now, but when he took the job, he was apparently far from it. What changed?

How does one go from poor to profitable in a few years as a public servant?

If that’s true, and we’re told it is, then how in the world does one go from making poor personal financial decisions to then given an over billion dollar county budget to control!

How in the world is he qualified to run our county and our money!

Who in the world is overseeing his financial decisions for We the People? How in the world did this happen and continue to happen?

Yes, Eric.

We the People want to know.

Many incredible Washoe residents spoke at this same commissioner meeting, demanding an investigation into Eric Brown and his actions.

I wonder if We the People will get one?

Additionally, it was great watching Commissioner Clark rain down truth on Eric Brown. “How many votes did you get? Who made you county commissioner?” It was epic, and We the People, appreciate Clark for representing us.

Another incredible thing to see was Commissioner Herman and Commissioner Clark working together to bring back The Election Group for next week’s agenda. They have serious connections to Soros, the Rockefellers, Zuckerberg, etc. The last thing we need is them involved in our elections.

See what I mean here: https://operationsunlight.com/2023/04/17/eric-brown-liar-or-loon

Next week, Commissioner Andriola will have a chance to vote for We the People and our elections, instead of siding with the commies like last time.

This was a very revealing meeting where we saw first-hand how Eric Brown tries to sweep taxpayer money out of sight and out of mind, and we really get a glimpse into his true colors.

Thank you, Commissioner Herman and Commissioner Clark, for representing We the People.



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