This is a Guest Post.

“To suppress Free Speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the Hearer as well as those of the Speaker.”
-Frederick Douglass

In November 2019, Mr. Eric P. Brown was selected by Washoe County Commissioners among a pool of Candidates to replace the previous County Manager, who announced his retirement. As per the Washoe County press release, they contracted with Ralph Andersen & Associates, a placement agency, to conduct a national recruitment search for the new Washoe County Manager.

Ralph Andersen & Associates specializes in placing County and City Officials nationwide. One of their Clients, as per their website, is the troubled City of Seattle – known for their 2020 Summer of Love: Rioting in the CHAZ and CHOP Zones, which included looting and violence and culminated in a death of a young man in 2020, while they laid off Emergency Personnel and Police, leaving Seattleites without protections. Additionally, Seattle and their King County leadership are well-known for expanding a dangerous homeless problem and supplementing the issue with providing taxpayer paid heroin injection centers.

Mr. Brown, sourced by Andersen and Associates, now leads the second-largest County in Nevada, working with the Board of County Commissioners, Elections, Government and Community Agencies, local Businesses, and Citizens who are encouraged to exercise their Constitutional Free Speech.

County Officials working alongside Brown swear an Oath of Office, which is required of Leadership positions, including the Mayor, City Council, County Elections, District Attorney, Sheriff, and Commission positions – because as they choose to enter the Public Arena and represent We The People, they swear an Oath to protect and defend our Constitutional Liberty. This is the cornerstone of our Independence to which our great Republic was founded.

NRS 282.020   

I, ……………………., do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, protect and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States, and the Constitution and government of the State of Nevada, against all enemies, whether domestic or foreign, and that I will bear true faith, allegiance and loyalty to the same, any ordinance, resolution or law of any state notwithstanding, and that I will well and faithfully perform all the duties of the office of ……………., on which I am about to enter; (if an oath) so help me God; (if an affirmation) under the pains and penalties of perjury.

[1:185:1915; 1919 RL § 2891; NCL § 4925]

Because Government Officials, Judges, and Law Enforcement are Elected by We The People to represent We The People, it is critical our Voice is heard to ensure we are properly represented. But it seems as if Leadership – including County Manager Eric Brown – is attempting to silence the Public at large when sincere concerns about Ethics and Code of Conduct are presented, including actions of City and County officials which go against not just their Oath of Office, but against our Constitutional Liberty – a critical foundation they swore to protect.

In June 2022, The Associated Press published an article where Brown stated for the record – that City/County Employees received “Death Threats.” The article did not provide proof of this serious allegation. Brown went on to state the Public made “…aggressive comments, threats, conspiracy theories, and false accusations” against employees. Almost as if to justify, without proof, their decision to weaponize Taxpayer dollars against the Taxpayers. Brown and Washoe County Commissioners set up the Washoe County Workplace Violence Committee as a result of these allegations. This ad hoc Committee authorizes Brown, as the County Manager, to spend up to $150,000 per fiscal year for legal assistance for those who have been “unfairly attacked or harassed in public”. The article goes on to say expenditures of these taxpayer dollars could increase beyond $150,000.

The irony of utilizing taxpayer dollars to silence taxpayers is poetic; Anyone with critical thought about how our government is being run will now have their money used against them, and effectively silenced. Another ironic moment: During the proceedings, the Commissioners ignored a member of the Public who spoke out against the weaponization of Taxpayer dollars against We The People.

From now on, if anyone has a critical thought about those in power, those who we elected and pay a salary – they are subject to being labeled as “hostile” and “violent” or a “conspiracy theorist” – and Brown is clear about the County going after those who question Code of Conduct, Ethics, or best practices for We The People.

The text of the Initiative, which Brown spearheads, is as follows, taken from a Board of County Commissioners Meeting on June 21, 2022:

What seems problematic: We are now in a position to suffer legal repercussions for disagreeing with employees paid with our tax dollars when no evidence was provided to the public at large by Brown et al. to justify this expense or this Committee. In addition, no quantifiable legal definitions have been published. Who has the final say on what is deemed as “hostile”?

There’s also another issue—a big one.

Is Brown the right person to spearhead this Initiative, direct $150,000, and quantify what is deemed as an “unfair public attack, harassment, and disparaging” activity, considering the Ethical issues he himself seems to have? Did Brown put us on notice that Ethical concerns about Public Officials will be met with Lawfare, despite their sworn commitment to uphold our Constitution and Oath of Office? We will be labeled, classified, and silenced, as his County uses our money as a weapon against us for having critical thought?

On May 27, 2021, Mr. Brown’s spouse was arrested for DUI. Case #21-4367.

Video of Mrs. Brown shows her outright failing all sobriety tests. The Police Report states not only did Mrs. Brown drive northbound in southbound lanes of traffic – but she also damaged her vehicle and County Property. Depending on the situation, including the Property Damage, this would typically elevate a DUI into a Felony classification.

Did Eric Brown’s spouse evade Felony charges with her DUI?

Mr. Brown is a Public Figure. As someone who holds the reigns on what constitutes “a threat” – from a Community Safety & Ethical standpoint, since he is in the position to dole out $150,000 to employees who want their critics silenced, using taxpayer dollars, we need to start asking hard questions about Washoe County, including their Contracts with how they source Public Officials.

In addition, Commissioner Bob Lucey spoke about the intricacies of navigating “Civil Unrest” while singing the graces of Eric Brown as he justified a substantial pay increase to include a generous $600 per month Car Allowance for Mr. Brown. We The People deserve to know if the auto damaged in this DUI was, in fact, the vehicle being paid for by Taxpayers of Washoe County. Mr. Lucey’s assessment about Brown’s “good to great” ideology seems to be problematic.


We The People are protected from suppression by the very Constitution to which these Officials swore an Oath to uphold. Forming committees based on allegations without evidence provided to the public at large, creating definitions to suit a narrative, and weaponizing taxpayer dollars against the taxpayer is their way of refusing to be held accountable.  Eric Brown and Washoe County owe We The People answers instead of actively suppressing Constitutional Liberty and attacking those who question them for their Ethical and Legal missteps.

This is a Guest Post, this is not an endorsement of any kind. By TC Sterling

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