The majority of America no longer trusts the media or government. In the following example that involves me personally, you’ll get an additional taste as to why.

Over the past few years, my team and I have uncovered some incredibly shocking issues within the Washoe County election system that still exist today.

We have taken these election system issues to the county, and they either flat out ignore us or work with the press to slander us versus looking into what we’re saying and remedying the issues. Here are a few examples:

Did you notice in the first link above how chummy Washoe County propagandists Bethany Drysdale and Mark Robison, the mouthpiece for the “Real Gutless Journalists” at the RGJ, are?

Did you notice how it appears they are both conspiring against yours truly to try and paint me in some bad light yet again? That surely doesn’t seem like real reporting from Mark or a real public servant simply doing their job for the people, does it?

Why do they appear to be trying to paint me in a bad light at best?

Next, we have the very same Washoe County propagandist Bethany Drysdale and now a different so-called reporter from “The Soros Dependent,” the Nevada Independent. In these internal documents, you’ll see a new example of something that just doesn’t look legitimate against yours truly once again.

In this conversation, you see Bethany giving the so-called journalist my voting history. That seems odd, right? Does that seem normal to you? The detectives tell me that it appears they are trying to set me up to look as though I had committed some kind of voter fraud!

What do we see here in this email exchange? 

You see the DMV automatic voting registration, aka AVR, in January of 2020 registered me as a NON-PARTISAN! I’m not a non-partisan, however, here we go again with a system changing a voter’s registration, unbeknownst to them, actually unbeknownst to me! In July 2020, the Republican Central Committee notified me I was registered as a non-partisan, so we changed it to the correct status of Republican.

So yes, in addition to Washoe stealing my vote, they additionally changed what party I’m registered to!

The detectives believe they were trying to take what the county-DMV did to me and paint me in some sort of bad light, to even some sort of potential fraud.

We have so many internal documents. This is just a taste. They are looking at the full picture, not just this one email. So once you see all of what we’ve discovered, it will blow your mind. It’s systemic what’s happening here to me, they say. They say the county really has it out for me.

The question is, why? The question is also, is what they are doing and trying to do to me, lawful?

More on that later this year.

Now, as I said at the opening of this letter, people don’t trust the media or government anymore. In looking at what the propagandist from Washoe County is doing with these so-called journalists, you have to ask yourself why.

Why aren’t the journalists covering the issues we uncover, and why is the county not addressing and correcting the issues we’ve uncovered?

Why attack the messenger, not the message?

If we’re nuts, why not debate us? Why not hold a public forum where we bring forth all of our findings, and let’s see what the county says then, or potentially expose what they are hiding? Why are they conspiring against me instead of debating myself and our team?

These are legitimate questions you all need to ask and then seek the answers to.

Last week we showed what happens when you take the certified county tax records and the certified county voter rolls and put them side by side. You’ll find 68,665 issues that need to be investigated! Those issues don’t include people who moved away and still get ballots, either! If we showed those with these other issues, we’d have over 120,000 voters who need to be investigated in a county with 300,000 registered voters!

Well, no surprise to you or me, we’re still awaiting the official response on whether they will actually remove illegal voters if they are found.

Bottom line, the county, and press appear to be trying to discount or disappear any proof of election issues and simply work together to try and paint me as something bad, versus just the guy here for you, asking questions for all of us based on our findings.

These people are not to be trusted. What the hell are they all hiding?

Stay tuned. You won’t believe what we found.



This is not a conspiracy theory or paranoia. I repeat again, these people are not to be trusted.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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