The Washoe County ROV and County Manager have been notified multiple times about several issues with our voter rolls and election process, yet no significant action has been taken to address them. No surprise there.

They claim that our voter rolls are flawless, but on the other hand, when we presented to the state all the affidavits, they acknowledged that at least 15,000 individuals were sent ballots who were not eligible to receive them. However, they claim to have intercepted these ballots before they were sent back to the ROV. 

Therefore, they acknowledge these discrepancies but still insist that the voter rolls are immaculate.

We have repeatedly demonstrated to the Washoe County ROV and County Manager that our election system is seriously compromised. For instance, we have evidence that if we are given the election results for only three precincts in either Clark County or Washoe County, we can accurately predict the results for the other 1,283 precincts. This is highly suspicious and cannot happen in a fair election. You can verify this information at these sources:

Furthermore, we have proof that between 30-50% of the people listed on the county’s website as having voted did not actually cast their vote. This is a significant issue that needs to be addressed. This isn’t acceptable.

We have also conducted canvassing efforts that reveal serious errors in the voter rolls. Many individuals whom the county claims are eligible to vote are, in fact, ineligible. This is a major concern that needs to be rectified.

Despite bringing these issues to their attention, the county officials have not taken any significant action to address these problems. In fact, they have resorted to spinning truths, speaking in half-truths, and slandering me and our team. They have even used local propaganda papers to portray us as right-wing extremists and dismiss our claims. 

We have obtained internal county documents that prove their collusion with the media and substantiate our previous statements. You can’t make this up.

Now that you’ve been slightly brought up to speed let’s delve into what we uncovered today.

Today, I presented to the 5 county commissioners and exposed that our team has found over 68,000 issues with the latest voter rolls we received from the county.

I have requested the voter roll data again last week as well. We have multiple voter roll data pulls from different points in time, and we like to see what changes occur between each pull.

The latest data we analyzed is from 8/19/22, which is a certified copy directly from the county registrar of voters.

Each time we request the data, I have to pay the county a substantial amount of money. The last request cost nearly $6,800, which we believe is intended to discourage people from verifying their work.

Most people don’t have $6,800 to spend on reviewing complicated spreadsheets that look like they were put together by a 4th-grade WCSD student.

$6,800 for something that would take one of our team members less than 30 minutes to pull. Do you see an issue here?

Let’s get back to the 68,000 issues that need to be investigated. The ROV states that the rolls are pristine and that we can “take them to the bank.” So, knowing it’s their data, we can all agree that it’s what they say to be true.

Now, we also have the county tax assessor data. You can go to the Washoe County Tax Assessor site online and look up individual properties, their owners, deeds, etc.

Mike Clark, who recently left the job of Washoe County Tax Assessor to become our new County commissioner, says that the tax rolls are 99% or more trustworthy. He says they will withstand any audit and, by law, have to.

So, think about it. We have county-certified voter rolls and county-certified tax rolls. Imagine what happens when you put them together.

My friend Jay Valentine from Omega4America and our teams did just that. Using fractal programming, in part, the same technology that powers the electrical grid across the United States, we cross-referenced each voter and each address. And look what we found.

Did you see the graph for the age profile? We have 792 active registered voters who are 95 to over 110 years old!

Do you realize that many election races are lost by half of a percentage point? Imagine what you could do with 23% of the entire voter rolls! Guess what? We’ll also expose how many of these 23% voted soon. We want to give the county a chance to address us first. I won’t hold my breath, though.

Now again, we used county-certified voter rolls and county-certified tax rolls. If you don’t think the tax rolls are legit, try missing a tax payment to the county! They’ll track you down ASAP! Why won’t they do the same with our voter rolls? Why are they so damn hesitant to clean them? We’re told they are being paid off not to clean them. Imagine that…

Now Jay, Omega4America, and the rest of our team have been working on this for several months to make sure we could replicate this across the country, and guess what? We can! What would have taken months and months to do, we can do in minutes. It’s very exciting, and the days of rigging voter rolls are up!

That’s not to say these corrupt ROVs and politicians will actually do their job, but I believe that through justice and through you calling out the corrupt or incompetent, they will. Additionally, 12 states have already jumped on board with Omega4America to actually clean and maintain their voter rolls! 

ERIC is what is used in Nevada and 31 other states. The corruption and evidence coming out against ERIC and their three-man company, if true, should land them and anyone who knowingly uses them behind bars. The Gateway Pundit has done incredible reporting on ERIC. I suggest you go there and read the dozens of articles they have posted. Here are two for you right now. One is Omega4America calling ERIC out for its many issues. The other is the Alabama Secretary of State giving his unbelievable testimony to what he saw at ERIC’s ghost town headquarters. Needless to say, he terminated ERIC. This is who Nevada uses.

Why are we using ERIC? Have you looked into this far-left, 3-employee company operating in Nevada and 31 other states? They are supposedly “maintaining” voter rolls and in addition, capturing most of our personal information from other state agencies. Where is this data going, and to whom? Why are they in charge of our rolls, let alone a lemonade stand? They must be fired; bring in Omega.

We must immediately terminate the use of ERIC and use Omega4America. Or, at the very least, have some 12th graders from WCSD come in and do the job. It’s impossible they’ll do a worse job than Jaime Rodriguez and company at the ROV.

So in conclusion, time and time again, we have shown the corrupt or incompetent ROV the issues with our elections to no avail. Well, they do slander us and conspire with the media to do so, so I guess there’s that. But you know what I mean; they don’t fix anything other than the elections. But I digress. It’s time they fix the rolls at least, legitimately!

Why should they keep and maintain accurate voter rolls?

Because it’s the law!

The NRS, NVRA, etc., all say they must!

So why the reluctance?

Are they really being paid off not to clean them?

Well, I do know Commissioner Herman and Commissioner Clark will fight for you and clean rolls, the other three, we’ll see.

Commissioner Vaughn Hartung, Alexis Hill, and Mariluz Garcia are the other three commissioners. We only need one of them to do the right thing.

Vaughn Hartung is supposedly a registered Republican; Republicans supposedly want clean voter rolls, right? Let’s see if Hartung serves his constituents or himself.

I suggest you email these three and tell them to investigate the 68,665 issues we found and do a complete, independent, fully transparent audit of the voter rolls.

If they can’t do it because they are “understaffed,” as they love to say, even when there are thousands of people waiting for their calls to go to work, we’ll do it for them in a few days.

Imagine what we would find…

Regardless, just investigating these 68,665 issues would do a world of good for those of us who believe our elections need serious overhauls and understand that the voter rolls are the foundation of everything election-wise. All data, all ballots, all votes, etc., are directly affected by the rolls. Everything!

We have emailed all the commissioners and the Secretary of State, as well as notified them today in person at the county commissioner meeting. They are all now on notice. They can lie, but now we have 100% proof they have all been made aware of the issues in need of investigation.

Do your part. Peacefully let them know you want these issues investigated, the rolls audited, and the voter rolls cleaned.



Anyone against clean rolls is a crook, plain and simple.

Here are their emails:




Secretary of State

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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