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Here’s Our day late CHRISTmas present to you, so listen up.

For all the families out there who still argue about whether 2020 was stolen from Trump, here is 100% nail in the coffin proof that it was.

Most know our elections are rigged, but for whatever reason, they say they just need more proof. Fine, here it is.

This is so easy to understand. Even a 4th grader brought up in the Nevada school system will get it.

This is 100% proof Trump won. It is not statistical proof or some type of percentage proof. This is 100% proof by math down to the votes.

Every person who has ever tried to take our $30,000 or $50,000 challenges have all failed, and some don’t want to discuss the math. Why? Because the math doesn’t lie, and they know it! The others graciously conceded it’s all rigged.

Here’s more proof. Get out your calculator, and let me show you how easy it is to predict every precinct’s mail-in votes in Nevada’s 2 largest counties for the 2020 Trump race.

What we are going to show you is impossible. This could never be done in a fair election.

Know this is just for the Trump-Biden race in 2020, we have the formulas for Vaughn Hartung, Alexis Hill, Angie Taylor, etc., who also did not win their race, but someone stole it for them too.

This is 100% proof, in crayon.

We can additionally do this in 2022 and show that Fiore, Laxalt, Marchant, and Sigal Chattah all won their races! And all had their races stolen from them!

Those races use a different formula found on for all the proof. Additionally, go there to get the CVRs it’s the county data for all the different elections, so you can verify everything we show you are 100% true.

Ok, buckle up and pay attention. We are now going to show you the 2020 election was rigged for Biden to finally put this to bed. On, you can see how all the other elections are rigged as well, but I’ll do a video later this week showing that too.

So now let me show you the simple formula for just the Biden-Trump race of 2020.

  1. Pick a precinct, any precinct in Washoe or Clark, for the 2020 General Trump Race.
  2. Simply add up all the Democrat and Republican mail-in ballots and early-day votes into one sum.
  3. Then multiply it by 64%
  4. Then subtract the Republican early vote total from the 64% sum.

Like magic, you will see the Democrat mail-in vote appear!

Meaning you will be able to predict the Democrat mail-in vote damn near to the VOTE, give or take 25 votes or so, across any precinct in Washoe or Clark by doing this simple formula! It would be like guessing a person’s name, address, and phone number every time in a Los Angeles county phone book!

Remember, though, for all you mathematicians. We can show DOWN TO THE VOTE if you use the formula in the Solomon papers. This example shown here is for the layman who just wants to be able to quickly show people how rigged the elections are without being a PhD. Make sure and pick a Precinct with over 30 votes in it, so you have a large enough sample size. Want a real mindblower? Wait until we show you 2022! This above is just to show once and for all 2020 was rigged.

Remember, this is not the actual formula that rigged the election. This is a byproduct of the rig. Because the rig happened, this proves it was a cascading neural network that uses an algorithm to flip votes in the two largest counties across Nevada.

Precinct 6413

Total Per Party Voting:
REPS: Trump – 816

DEM: Biden – 537


REPS Only Voting – Trump:
REPS – Early Voting – 423
REPS – Election Day – 110

REPS – Mail – 283


DEMS Only Voting – Biden:
DEMS – Early Voting – 147
DEMS – Election Day – 33

DEMS – Mail – 357


They steal our offices. The officials are selected, not elected. It’s why our country and state is on fire. The people we vote for mean nothing in this system. They select the people who will work for their ends, not We The People.

We must call this out!

I will do a longer video explaining more this week, but we wanted you to know you can now prove 2020 was 100% stolen from Trump in crayon.

We can also prove people like Vaughn Hartung, Alexis Hill, Angie Taylor, etc, didn’t win as well, and that’s why they constantly seem to be working for someone other than us. It’s because we didn’t elect them!

We can additionally show Marchant, Laxalt, Fiore, and Sigal Chattah all won in 2022 as well.

Go to

Notice there are many papers there for scholars or even people who understand high school math. Use those formulas to show how the other races were rigged as well!

This is how they steal everything from us by stealing our votes.

This is Treason if left to stand for any representative that sees this.

That’s right, any of you so-called representatives watching this, and I know there are many who are now all guilty of treason if you let this stand.

Share this with all your representatives, law enforcement, etc.

Do not be silent spread this everywhere and peacefully call out these corrupt pieces of trash.

I’ll be back with another video this week, showing the other formulas to other races and what our game plan is going forward. In the meantime, share this everywhere!

This is how they steal everything from us. This is one hundred percent proof 2020 was stolen.

For the ignorant, the apathetic, and the corrupt, by doing nothing, will ensure you lose it all. You’ll end up in bread lines at best to most likely being the layer of bricks that seal your fate. I’m done trying to help these types. This is for everyone who has had enough and is ready to peacefully say no more. If we don’t stop this now, this is how they destroy America and everything you hold dear.

Share this proof everywhere, and Merry CHRISTmas.

What will you do with this present we just handed you?



This shows 100% how we make the impossible, possible. This is 100% proof positive they are stealing our voices and lives through election fraud. Sleep no more.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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