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The big lie is that our elections aren’t rigged.

That’s right, that’s the big lie that big brother, big media, and big business all continue to perpetuate.

They’re the BIG liars. They are benefiting from stealing our voices, and our votes while we continually lose our rights and liberties.

We can be silent no more.

Last week we quickly showed you how the 2020 Trump-Biden race in Washoe and Clark County, Nevada, was rigged. In this video, here, we’ll show you 2022 elections were rigged as well.

Before I move on to the 2022 rig, let me briefly touch on what we shared for 2020.

This formula is not the formula that rigged the election. It is just a quick way to show that it was rigged. It’s less accurate than Solomon’s formal formulas shown in his papers but still shows that the outcomes are impossible. It’s easy enough to do. The average 4th grader should be able to do it. The Solomon formulas that show the actual rig are far more complicated, even for PHDs, so here we keep it simple for you.

Speaking about simplicity, a friend of mine mentioned to me the simple way I described the 2020 rig could be made simpler yet, and he’s right.

When we showed all the methods of voting in the Biden-Trump race, we didn’t need to.

All we needed to show is the early vote and mail-in vote totals for Biden and Trump.

Additionally, I confused people a bit by not clarifying that all the mail-in and early vote totals contained all the votes from ALL political parties. So when I labeled it Republican votes, I should have said Trump, all votes for Trump, regardless of what party they came from.

More Confusing Way

Precinct 6413 

Total Per Party Voting:
REPS: Trump – 816
DEM: Biden – 537

REPS Only Voting – Trump:
REPS – Early Voting – 423
REPS – Election Day – 110
REPS – Mail – 283

DEMS Only Voting – Biden:
DEMS – Early Voting – 147
DEMS – Election Day – 33
DEMS – Mail – 357


Simpler Way

Precinct 6413 

Votes received from all parties per candidate.

Early Voting – 423
Mail – 283

Early Voting – 147
Mail – 357


Certified totals reported=357
Solomons layman’s formula=351.4

Hopefully, that clears things up a bit for you as well.

Ok, let’s dive in now to 2022.

Here again, what we show is entirely impossible in a free and fair election. The people who argue we’re wrong are simply ignorant or evil. There is no middle ground.

These so-called experts fail to ever show us any race prior to 2020 where you can show every precinct in the two largest counties voting identically the same.

These so-called experts say that every precinct voting identically is proof of a fair election.

That lie should make a 4th grader stop and say BS. The two largest counties all voting identically the same is 100% proof of a corrupt election, period.

It’s so insane that if you give us 3 precincts data in Washoe or Clark county, we can predict, within 1% or so, how ALL the other 1,286 or so precincts voted!

That’s insane, right? You tell us three precincts’ data for the mail-in and early vote of, say, Sigal Chattah, and we can tell you precisely what happens in ALL the other precincts in Washoe and Clark counties! Meaning her race was totally rigged. She won, and Ford lost.

It’s simple to show you, and we will.

Another insane claim the ignorant or evil make is that because we know the data from the county, we can predict the results.

Again, this is insane, it would be like me telling you to verify that the cash register reported night count is legitimate, but you can’t first count the money in the cash register!

What they fail to mention is, again, we only need 3 precincts’ data to tell you how all the others voted! Additionally, using the formula, we can tell you the results in each precinct without all the data! Meaning the box analogy I give, here’s the height, here’s the width, but I won’t tell you the length, but you tell me the volume! You can’t, but we can every single time without the missing data! You have to first analyze the data to then find the formula!

The ignorant and evil hope you’re so dumb or lazy you simply believe what these people with fancy letters behind their names say.

Enough of my rant. We’ll expose some of the people to you soon so you can see how asinine their arguments are.

Let’s look at a couple of statewide 2022 general races. We’ll show Jim Marchant winning against Cisco, Sigal Chattah winning against Aaron Ford, and Michele Fiore winning against Conine in this video here:

After you watch the video there, you’ll see how you, too, can use the county data to do the impossible and know the outcomes of every precinct in Clark and Washoe with over 30 voters in it for those races.

You’ll additionally have seen more tools and proof you can use on other races, and you’ll also be able to blow apart the ignorant and evil b.s claims.

Another simple way to show they are lying is if this is normal to happen in elections in Clark and Washoe, why is there a different formula for County seat elections and this formula for Statewide seats? It’s simple. We have selections, not elections. They already have predefined results the algorithm strives to achieve and does so most of the time.

Further proof the state knows this is happening is the fact that none of us can examine the ballots. 

They hide behind ballot secrecy statutes that are taken out of context. You see, all the ballots are anonymous! There are no names or identifiers on them! They are secret! The State and County report how many people vote and for who in each precinct, yet, we can’t audit the anonymous paper to make sure they counted right!

It’s rigged, folks. It’s in our faces. They hit the pause button throughout the 6-week election process to make sure their vote reportings total out as they report but never let us see the actual ballots!

Want to know what’s more disgusting in our face proof? We can see all the envelopes! Your name, your party, your precinct, your party, and even your signature! But we can’t see the anonymous ballot you filled out. You will never know if your ballot was cast the way you intended it!

Folks, we have to call this out. If we don’t, we lose our country. 

Do you really think inflation, open borders, failed education system, wokeism, impending war, and so much more are by accident?

It’s all because of stolen elections. They place in their people who will do their bidding, not ours.

If we don’t save our elections, we lose it all. That’s not hyperbole. It’s fact.

Share this everywhere. Share this with your so-called politicians and law enforcement.

If we don’t save our election system now, we lose it all.

Will you simply discard this knowledge or pass it on and say enough?

Will you simply turn a blind eye to all these selected people taking office this week or say hell no!?

It’s up to each of us to pass it on and say enough. Or our country and way of life are done.



By popular demand, I’ll discuss who I’m voting for RNC Committeewoman for Nevada tomorrow.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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