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What we see….

We’re on the road to communism…..

What happens when communist globalists get involved in America?

They’re trying to make it communist. Essentially, they want to turn America into just like “everywhere else” or worse.

We know America is special. My great uncle Ben Franklin and others called it the “great experiment” in which the Country was run by the people, not a king or dictator.

Today we see it in peril.

We see globalists like Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and others with their “great reset” agenda, wherein we’d own nothing.

America is not about that. We want the American dream, and that’s definitely not it.

The media wants to paint constitutionalists like us as Right-wing nut-bags, but we’re the furthest thing from that.

The Democrats of Kennedy’s era loved this country but had different ideas of how it should be run.

The Reagan Republicans loved this country, and they, too, had a different idea of how America should be run.

What we see now is we’re losing the American dreams of both the Democrats and Republicans. The visionaries of yesterday, going clear back to the vision of our Founders, wouldn’t recognize the America of today.

If Americans only knew what our constitution says and means and actually entitles every one of us to, they would “revolt by morning,” as Henry Ford said.

Simply put, we’re losing America.

The Left has gone too far left. The Right has laid down and taken it for too long.

The Right, in fact, has simply joined the Left to a degree. Both of them now work in unison to bring in the globalist vision for America, and not the vision of our Founders, Kennedy or even Reagan.

Some of the Left see that they’ve gone too far, and the Democrats of old are fleeing the Democrat party and going Republican. Yet, the Republican party is failing us as well.

They need to go far further –  BACK to our Constitutional Republic founding and not this erosion of our Republic.

The America First agenda of the right seems to be the closest to grabbing real traction in returning to our constitutional republic founding.

Yet the old guard of the Republican party keeps ushering us towards globalism, nay, totalitarianism.


Well, it seems we have a uni-party: both Left and Right converging and taking us down a road that most people would never agree to if they knew how it ends.

Additionally, we continually see our tax dollars being used to destroy America.

We see the fed, etc., give money to groups that then use that very same money against We The People. Our own tax dollars are being used against us!

Where is the accountability?

We are seeing state-sponsored attacks across the country against We The People.

We see the press-media running cover for both.

One narrative. Or just enough difference to pit us against each other when both parties are actually being manipulated.

It reminds me of the video easily found where all the press is saying the exact same thing in unison.

We constantly find the press was wrong: spreading disinformation, lies, and propaganda for someone else’s agenda and not ours.

We just want the facts. Instead, we get spin, narratives, propaganda, and a globalist message.

They brainwash us.

The Smith Mundt Act shows exactly how they can legally do it too.

If “they” feel the message is in the best interest of We The People, they can lie to their heart’s content. We lose; “they” win.

People must realize that, yes, we all have differences, but we’re really not that different.

We all want happy families, fulfilling lives, careers, safety, food on our tables, and roofs over our heads. We all want hard work to pay off and leaders who have our best interests – not theirs – at heart.

We constantly find the press was wrong, time and time again, and what’s worse, they repeatedly censored the truth from us.

We see big tech and search engines shadow-ban and censor things we need to know. We’ve been spoon-fed their disinformation rather than truth.

We know the way they manipulate the public is through the press, films, tv shows, and corporations in lockstep with their narrative.

It’s what they do in communist countries: state-run media, films, and corporations all extinguishing We The People’s thirst for truth.

This is why the press is so mistrusted, and people are waking up. The media is corrupt.

This must end.

We continue to see the weaponization of the justice system against people who have an anti-communist message.

We see people like Joe and Hunter Biden never investigated and going scot-free.

If you or I did what they have done, we’d be in jail for the rest of our lives.

We see the daily persecution of people who speak out while the so-called leaders who are robbing us blind are never investigated.

We see in Nevada: the Secretary of State, Judge Wilson, and the Supreme Court all keeping an illegal candidate on the ballot. Why? The greatest beneficiary will likely be the attorney general running for reelection. The illegal candidate is running as a Libertarian and will most likely take away Republican votes.

It’s very political, for sure. It SHOULD be about what’s legal and what’s not… period.

We see the same Judge, James Wilson, agree that there could be enormous election fraud in Nevada and yet allow it to continue by ruling against Joey Gilbert’s election contest.


Because he says, Joey needs to do the department of justice’s job and restore the election.

The press runs with the narrative; no evidence again!!

The evidence of fraud was there.

Gilbert just didn’t restore the election then (but he can now), showing how much he won by.

So the judge says there’s no evidence, but not “no evidence of fraud” but of the evidence of doing their job and actually restoring the election!

Hence, a broken justice system.

Most all election lawsuits have been thrown out due to cowardice. They call it “lack of standing,” meaning the person can’t bring forward the evidence of fraud because it didn’t affect them.

It’s total cowardice: the fact that the evidence doesn’t get to see the light of day or day in court as the spineless judges just punt the case and say they don’t have standing versus hearing the evidence.

This is especially corrupt when we all have standing, as we all are being robbed of our voices regardless of party!

Did you know in Nevada, you can’t recall a judge? You can’t fire them! The NV Supreme court in 2017 ruled we can’t recall judges! Do you see a conflict of interest?

This is one more reason the people are waking up to the corruption in our justice system.

Most were asleep thinking our leaders were there for us, but now we are finding out they are not.

The good news is that one constitutional judge can free hundreds of millions of people from tyranny. We saw that in Florida with U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who removed the draconian nonscientific, proven to be far more harmful than good for us, mask mandate.

Another reason for hope is Washoe County Judge Hardy, who allowed Mike Clark to run against Bob Lucey for County Commissioner.

In things like this, from small to huge, a fair constitutional judge can free the people from tyranny.

We see big companies in sports, movies, services, goods, etc., all bending the knee to big money and woke BS policies, all costing them respect and profits.

“Go woke, go broke,” they say.

Yet we see companies like In and Out Burger who refused to play their games. They are now even more loved for it.

The companies that pushed back are thriving and loved.

The people are AWAKE to the BS agendas they try to push on us.

It’s time we reward the companies who do what’s right, not what’s easy.

We see the military top brass ramming through woke policies, forced injections, and pushing patriots completely out of the military.

We see our military working with China: sharing our intel, and worse.

We see our weapons being dismantled and China growing larger than us daily.

Our military is now basically being told by China: if we mess with them, we’ll find out what happens.

China is working with the cartels in Mexico and down south to bring in fentanyl. It’s an actual state of emergency, yet our military is handcuffed and does nothing significant to stop it.

We see our once great military becoming diluted to the point of soon becoming unprepared and ultimately ineffective.

We are truly exposed for the first time here at home.

It’s time for the troops and US to say enough!

We see our men and women in blue being handcuffed from doing their jobs. Rational officers are leaving in droves. Woke policies are being rammed down their throats.

Defunding of our officers by our so-called leaders is crippling law enforcement’s effectiveness, especially when coupled with woke policies that threaten police with jail time for simply doing their jobs.

Our so-called leaders are bringing on 87,000 IRS agents to attack We The People when that money could replenish the police ranks AND school teachers AND bus drivers to where we would all be in a much better place.

We see the precursor to Hitler’s brown shirts and worse happening right before our eyes, yet we are called crazy for pointing it out.

It’s time to say enough!

The public education system has turned into an indoctrination system. Anal sex is taught to seventh graders; Transvestites (using the euphemism of “Drag Queens”) are praised for reading books in Story Hours to young children in public libraries, thus further sexualizing our youth.

Civics and the U.S. Constitution have gone the way of cursive. They are no longer taught.

Remind me again what the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are written in?

Oh yes, cursive!

We see the grooming of our children by insane Leftists who are pushing social justice and woke-ism, instead of the education the students will need to be successful in life.

We see principals and other staff only hiring non-Christian, woke, Lefties into the school system. Project Veritas has been exposing this greatly.

A huge percentage of our children aren’t even proficient in reading, writing, or arithmetic, yet they still are passed.

We see this “trophy for all” type of mentality vs. promoting exceptionalism and hard work.

It’s about creating serfs, not leaders!

We see our colleges strapping incredible debt on our children to where they are debt enslaved once they leave college – only to find out their diplomas are worthless.

While trade schools notch huge success, traditional colleges fail our kids immensely.

College isn’t for everyone; hell, neither is high school. Take it from me, I run-created billion-dollar companies and solve billion-dollar problems, and I don’t even have a high school diploma!

I have an adult school diploma. I literally took a test to get it too. Yes, I aced it. But I digress.

We see the dropout rates from high school-college astronomically rising further, showing how ineffective they have become.

We see our colleges, with massive funding from China, the government, and woke institutions, further pushing their agenda on our kids.

We see federal funding that will only be given to the states if they teach or force whatever crap the fed wants them to put upon our youth.

We see huge funding for the colleges from Fauci and others IF the colleges keep the curriculum and what can be done in schools under the medical tyranny of Fauci and friends.

We see the parents waking to this.

We see orgs like Turning Point USA doing much to expose the globalist, collegiate agenda.

We must save our kids.

As Reagan said, we are only one generation away from losing our country.

If we don’t save our kids, we lose our country. It’s that simple.

It’s time to say enough!

We see that 83% of Americans believe we have election issues.

We see judges like Judge Wilson in Nevada, who basically says that even if Joey Gilbert’s challenge indicated massive election fraud, it’s not enough because Gilbert must also restore the election versus just showing it’s rigged.

We see judges across the country dismiss election lawsuits for lack of standing. Thus, the evidence is never allowed in court.

We see many secretaries of states who are funded by George Soros and the gang.

They control the elections.

We see an illegal candidate allowed to stay on the ballot by the Secretary of State, Judge Wilson, and the Supreme court of Nevada, even though the candidate asked to be taken off.

Why does this matter? He’s a Libertarian who will take votes from the Republican.

We see our courts are running cover for the politics at best, corruption and treason at worst.

We see the mail-in ballot scams perpetuating our country when almost no other first-world or even third-world country allows for a vote by mail. It’s the easiest way to cheat, we’re told by the Carter Baker report and almost every country.

We see it now takes 6 weeks to run an election instead of one day.

We see the people who talk about ch1ld p0rn, UFOs, and bigfoot ignored, but if you bring up election fraud, you will be relentlessly attacked by your own party, the press, and law enforcement.

We The People know our elections are rigged, and it will take We The People to say no more to these sellouts and call them all out by name.

It has to stop. They steal everything from us by stealing our vote.

83% of us know there are huge issues. The 17% are the minority, not the majority, and it’s time we stopped caring what they say and bring the truth to light!

It’s time to say enough!

We see they are, in many cases, alike. Regardless of party. They seem to do what’s best for the few, not the many.

We see people like AOC, a bartender, become congresswoman, now worth over a reported 26 million dollars.

We see Mitch McConnell, Pelosi, etc., as career servants worth hundreds of millions of dollars now.

We see the Mayor of Reno, Hillary Schieve, who was reportedly just getting by when she took office just 10 years ago, and now is reportedly worth over 10 million dollars.

How does someone making $105,000 a year become worth ten million dollars?

How is it, by almost every measure, Reno is circling the drain, yet Schieve, the mayor, is thriving?

It’s the same with McConnell, Pelosi, AOC, and others. As the country burns, we see them doing better.

How is that? What or who did they sell or sell out to, to amass this wealth as a public servant?

We The People, are waking to them. They all must be exposed.

It’s time to say enough!

Insurance companies are telling us that we had a “Vietnam level death event” with our millennials in just months.

We saw the VAERS data showing how dangerous these shots are; then, it was covered up, and finally, it was no longer reported.

We see anyone speaking out against the shots, or mandates get relentlessly attacked by the system, imprisoned, or worse.

We saw country leaders go against the mandates or shots, and they were killed.

We see big pharma as one of the largest donors to colleges, congress, politicians, tv, and others.

We see that science is thrown out the window for profits.

Millions have reportedly died from these shots, and reportedly, millions more will.

The embalmers of corpses since the shots now many say they see clots in the dead that were never there pre-shot.

Many corpse embalmers who’ve been working since long before the plannedemic now say that they see clots in the dead that were never there pre-shot.

These clots can be as long as a human leg or longer!

How in the world is that healthy?

We see the box containing masks state that they are not effective against smoke or viruses, yet we’re forced to wear them.

The CDC now says that shot or no shot. Everyone can now be treated the same. So the ones who held out for the past couple of years are now proven right. It was never about OUR safety.

The data coming out on how harmful the shots and masks are, provide proof that these mandates are crimes against humanity.

The UK and others are now walking back their shot policies on kids due to the data.

Businesses, lives, and a whole generation have been destroyed for what appears to be profit and control.

The 2 big questions no leader ever answered for me were simple.

If your mask works, why do I need one?

If your shot works, why do I need one?

If you can smell a fart through a mask, it’s not going to protect you from a virus.

If you take the shot and still get the bioflu 2-3-4 times, it’s obvious it doesn’t work.

People must wake up. It’s not science, it’s profit, control, and appears to be a depopulation weapon.

It’s time to say enough!

Most nations defend their borders. The US sends our tax dollars to Ukraine and others to defend their borders, yet ours stay open.

It’s reported that as many as 5 million illegal immigrants have flooded our borders.

These people are being taken care of better than our vets or retirees.

Our schools and emergency services are now overflowing with illegals using our resources while we go without, yet foot the bill.

We see jobs drying up for us as these people will work for less.

We see the dilution of our country’s pride through this dilution of people from all nations.

We see our leaders hide behind their big walls yet refuse to have one for us.

We see drugs, deaths, and sex trafficking, rising astronomically through our representatives’ failure to perform simple duties.

These people are not being vetted. These people are depleting our law enforcement and all other resources! We’re becoming illegal aliens in our own land!

It’s easy to fix, but the government refuses to keep us safe and do it. Why?

It’s time to say enough!

We see our nursing home patients being decimated. These extremely vulnerable people had covid patients sent into their homes, thus killing many of them.

Their votes were stolen by bad actors who preyed on them.

Their senior centers are being taken from them and turned into illegal alien service centers.

We see in Washoe County, they’ll use $26,000 of our taxpayer dollars on EVERY homeless person, yet only spend $76 on our most valued citizens, elders, and retirees.

We must save our kids and our elders from this insanity.

Why do “they” prey on the most vulnerable?

It’s time to say enough!

We see totally corrupt leaders printing our dollars into extinction.

They are sticking us all with the debt while they and their buddies are making trillions.

We see our money being sent overseas, not spent here where it could help.

There are no audits, accountability, or trail of where our trillions go.

We see our leaders get richer while we all get poorer.

Those on fixed incomes are being decimated by these corrupt SOBs. We didn’t vote for this!

If you look at what a home, car, food, fuel, and other fixed expenses cost in 1913 vs. today is, it would blow your mind!

I could go deep here. Even Henry Ford did, but the Federal Reserve that’s not Federal talk is for another letter.

We see no end in sight to this madness, thus eventually destroying the middle class and making the poor and middle class perpetually reliant on big brother for a handout.

By destroying our dollar, they destroy America.

There must be accountability. This must end, or America will.

Look, I could go further, more in-depth, and cite millions of articles, but let’s face it, things are bad, and this is enough to at least make the average person ask what the hell is going on.

We see our politicians are out of touch at best. We see trust in politicians and media are at all-time lows, and there’s a reason.

We’re going the wrong way, and most know it.

We see our so-called public servants simply being appointed by other appointees!

That’s racist right there if you want to say election integrity is racist as they deny US all our vote!

We see these politicians say one thing to get elected, regardless of party, and then do the opposite, screwing us all.

We see the so-called conspiracy theorists being proven right time and time again with never a mention from the press or servants.

We’re called “right-wing nut-bags” for simply pointing out the truth and the facts. Of course, we’re not nuts. We see the very things happen that the press says are not happening. Then they lie or change the subject.

It’s communism, nay, totalitarianism attacking us from within.

We’re on the brutal road to communism or WORSE now. We must get off this crazy insane road immediately.

The thought of We The People – awake – terrifies them and discredits their narrative. They’re in fear of you – waking to them – and saying enough.

Pelosi showed up in New York recently to speak. She couldn’t be heard over the boos, and obscenities screamed at her.

We’re waking, and they’re terrified.

A groundswell of people who have had enough is emerging, but we need far more. We need you!

There are also a reported 22 million millionaires in the US. Many of them made millionaires by what this country was great for. Can that 1% stand up?

Can they, too, put their money out there for their families and We The People?

Fear not, and know you don’t need to be a millionaire to make a difference. If you wake one person a day, and they do the same, we’ll fix this quickly.

To start, share this message and vote for these Washoe Warriors to do for us what our current servants fail to do for us.

Washoe, Vote for this!

Vote NO on ALL ballot initiatives


George “Eddie” Lorton (Reno)

Christine “Chris” Garvey (Sparks)

County Commissioners:

Denise Myer

Mike Clark

Jeanne Herman

School Board:

Melanie Sutton

Graeme Reid

Colleen Westlake


Carmen Ortiz

Dorzell King Jr

Ricci Rodriguez-Elkins

Justice of the Peace:

Bruce Hahn

State Senate:

Matthew Buehler

Attorney General:

Sigal Chattah

Secretary of State:

Jim Marchant

Now don’t just fill out your ballot and toss it in the mail, or use one of those machines. Vote this way!

On Election Day, fill out your mail-in ballot with a BLUE BALLPOINT PEN, and take it to the ROV at 1001 East 9th Street.

Hand it to them, and make sure they SCAN it. REVIEW THE SCREEN to verify that you have NOT already voted. If the system confirms you have NOT already voted, great! Hand them the ballot.

If the system says you have already previously voted (and you are positive that you did NOT vote), call the sheriff. Make a police report. Someone has stolen your voter identity if the system says you already voted (when you have NOT).

I know they still will cheat, but this makes it harder. We have a plan. It requires God and us to be successful. Do YOUR part and at least vote this way.

Look, it’s really rather simple…

If we take back our county and other counties copy-paste this formula 204 times or so, in populations of over 280,000 people, we take it all back.

Media, military, education, inflation, healthcare, homeless, borders, police, elections, and ALL the problems can be fixed at a local level, thus rendering the federal government a toothless, clawless lion.

We can DO this; we just need to get involved.

You need to do what? SAY ENOUGH!

I don’t care what party you belong to. Communism always fails us all, except the few. We’re not the few.

Again, we know if we read history, Communism always fails, so let’s stop doing things that don’t work, and let’s go back to a constitutional republic and take it all back!

The constitution works if it’s used!

People who say it doesn’t work don’t know it or use it!

We don’t need to change it; we need to follow it!

We must say ENOUGH!

Let’s show them how Washoe works!

Screw communism! Let’s go constitutional!



I know I left a ton out here, but you get the idea. It’s bad, but we can fix it if we all get involved and do what?



Now don’t go saying I’m antisemitic or racist, whatever, as I am neither. Anyone who says otherwise is ignorant or a globalist sympathizer or agent. I study history, and this, what I’m about to share with you, you can literally plug in any names of groups “they” want here.

Communist vs. American, Left vs. Right, etc., but this document (linked below), in its current form, we’re told is what was used by Goebbels of Nazi Germany.

He supposedly took this document, tweaked it to Hitler’s and his own desires, and well, you know the rest.

The reason I share this with you is because the Globalists have taken this approach and plugged in their name as the Ruler and everyone else as the subjects.

I know the press, websites, google and others will try to say this is debunked, not real, and more, yet here it is, and it’s how you take down a country or a world:

Lastly, by saying enough, I don’t mean to give up!

I mean, show up to the political meetings in the town square, call these political types out by name, and tell them you know their game and ENOUGH!

Aren’t your family and you worth it?

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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