So in seeing this ad, one has to ask, who is the Open Democracy Pac?

We see they want to “stop election subversionists” and keep out the hands of election deniers and Big Lie believers.

Interesting, do people really believe Biden got more votes than Obama and Trump? Have they taken our $30,000 challenge? The big lie is just that, THE BIG LIE!

Regardless, let’s push forward; who is a part of the Open Democracy Pac?

Wow, Jena Griswold, Jocelyn Benson, if you research, you’ll see some of these people are some of the most prominent people caught up in the most contested and thought to be corrupt election states in the Country or States that appear to have the most corrupt elections!

Look further:

Marc Elias, where do we know that name?

Ah yes, Hillary Clinton and Perkins Coie.

Then, of course, the same Marc Ellias whose firm intervened in the people’s election observation cases in Washoe and Clark County.

So the first question is, why is Wendy Leonard having advertisements paid for her by them?

The question would also be, why is Bob Lucey in the same ad?

Are Wendy Leonard and Bob Lucey receiving help not only from a PAC whose founder may be tied to cocaine sales but now from a PAC tied to Marc Elias and the Democrat “Big Lie Movement”?

Who are Wendy Leonard and Bob Lucey?

We have a feeling the R in front of their names no longer means Republican; it may stand for Ringer!

Do your own due diligence, as will we…

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