Washoe ROV did it again….

So, they show this on their website:

website info
Notice what it says?

Mail-in Ballots will be mailed on 5/25. 

So why in the world would they be in everyone’s mailboxes on 5/19/22?

Well, I’m sure they will hide behind the fine print they have that says  “can be mailed approximately 30 days before election day,” but we have election month, not day, but I digress.

Since they hit the mailboxes, the floods of complaints across the County have been overwhelming!

I would post pictures, but I would have to black out names and addresses, so what’s the point?

Basically, numerous ballots coming to the same person at the same address, ballots coming to their current and old address, ballots coming to their OUT OF STATE homes, etc.!

All the people who we gave to the ROV to remove from the rolls, 42,000 of them, all got ballots too! Who will mule these in, I wonder?

Let’s point out some obvious incompetence at best and total corruption at worst here. If you look at the explanation from the ROV on how to seal your envelope and mail it back, it says:

Instructions: Ballots
“Remove self-adhesive strip and fold over again to seal it. The sealed flap serves as a signature cover designed to protect your privacy. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OTHER ADHESIVES TO CLOSE YOUR BALLOTS, IT MAY INTERFERE WITH OUR ABILITY TO READ YOUR SIGNATURE”.
sample ballot

ROV Envelope

sample ballot

So first question, where is the self-adhesive strip? It’s not there! So, how do we seal it? Do we lick it? Ever seen Seinfield, where the dude’s fiance dies from licking the envelope?

What if we use tape? Will it damage our signature and allow them to vote it how they see fit?

Just throw it away?

This is next-level incompetence at best.

In addition, the envelope clearly states what party the voter belongs to. See a problem there?

Imagine some crazed right-wing extremist is the mailman and decides to throw away all the democrat envelopes! Or maybe some crazed left-wing extremist throws out all the Republican envelopes.

This is a huge problem and is easily avoidable, yet we know our elections are rigged and this is just one more way for people to cheat.

The next problem, election observers thought they had until 5/25 at least before they needed to be at the ROV and drop boxes to observe the election process. 

Now they need to be there today? 

We saw how there were thousands of ballots all mailed, voted, and returned on the same day in 2020! Again, very suspect, but hey, whatever, say it’s legit; well, we should be down there, right?

Why does it matter? Well, the ROV says they won’t start counting ballots until 5/30, BUT they can sort, signature verify, etc., before then!

Why does that matter?

What if you have 100,000 ballots that all have the same signature or same pen used or bogus signatures, and they are all processed before 5/30? 

Why does that matter?

Well, asides from the votes being fake, there’s no way to differentiate one ballot from another once the envelope has been removed as the signature is on the envelope, and there are NO identifying voter details on the actual ballot!

So how many out-of-state or temp workers are now processing these? Not local citizens?

Why are we using temp agencies at all?

Why would we use partisan temp agencies if we are, and it appears we are?

“Beadles, you idiot, the citizens have meaningful observation of the entire process. It’s fair,” Is what they say.

Have you seen what they consider meaningful observation?

Ballot Watching Area
That’s right, a fart box designed for 3. 

Additionally, the fart box has no ventilation, is soundproof, only has one entrance-exit, is not socially distance friendly, and is entirely built to humiliate and restrict observers and meaningful observation.

Is this Legal? Up to code? Safe? Healthy or sanitary? These are the same people who wanted everyone to stand 6 feet apart, yet this thing isn’t even ventilated. This is appalling!

They are literally giving the entire county the middle finger!

How in the hell do we have meaningful observation for the entire county in a fart box designed for three? 

Do you also notice in the reflection? Will they have zero observation into the signature verification process or the vote tally areas? It’s blocked off by a sorting machine you can see in the reflection!

Folks, we’re being played. How do you like these unaffordable homes, fuel, food, and prices? Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences!

That’s why we have sued the ROV to ensure YOU can have real meaningful observation, not this fart box for three that sees nothing but the reflection of the hyperventilating person next to them.

They spent our tax dollars on this crap!

Look, it’s simple, if we had fair and free elections, they wouldn’t hide our ballots in a tiny room designed for a few people; they would do it at the convention center and let us all be a part of it or at least meaningfully observe ALL processes.

There’s no risk of knowing how people voted as there are no identifiers on the ballots. As to signature verification, they do it by hand! Why not count the bubbles and ballots by hand vs using a machine in some small room that no one has access to but a few unelected officials who then tell us who wins!

That’s right, folks. Machines count the bubbles, the ballots, and even the votes from the kiosks, then a handful of unelected people tell us the results!

We have no observation into this process, we have no trust in our elections, and we can prove the machines are programmed to flip our votes atop ALL the other ballot fraud.

This is not a conspiracy theory, folks; if I’m wrong, come get my $30,000 challenge reward!


It’s simple, Washoe County has a totally corrupt election system. I’m not going from ballot mail issues to that conclusion. I’m going from over a year’s worth of digging into the truth of what happened in 2020 and what’s happening in 2022 right before our very eyes.

You owe it to your family to call them out. You owe it to yourself to call them out. If our elections stay rigged, we lose it all quickly. Ask Argentina, Venezuela, etc. you think this is hyperbole?

Prove us wrong. I bet $30,000 we’re right!


Wake up, stand up, speak up, and get involved. You owe it to your family, regardless of what party you vote for.




These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc

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