Do you remember back in January when a satanist came to the Washoe County Board of Commissioners Meeting, sat directly behind me, then rose, stood directly in front of me, and prayed to satan?

It made national and local news:

What was very odd was Clara Andriola got up and walked out just before the satanist rose to speak. Commissioner Hill had a huge Cheshire cat smile on her face, and the satanist began to pray to his god directly in front of me. When he was done, Clara the Clown Andriola came back. So she knew what was going to happen, Hill appeared to know what was going to happen, and then people in the county later told us they think it was the two of them that made the whole thing happen.

Now we see images on Facebook of the same satanist seemingly endorsing Clara Andriola.
The Facebook post doesn’t directly say that the satanist endorses Clara The Clown, but see for yourself:

Now to be as unbiased as I can, I simply asked ChatGPT to give me an unbiased analysis of whether this post from the satan group is an endorsement of Clara Andriola.

You want to see what it says?

Well, good, here it is:

  1. Public Association: The photo of the satanist with the commissioner’s campaign sign creates a visible link between the two. By choosing to pose next to the sign, the satanist visually aligns himself with the commissioner’s campaign, suggesting support.
  2. Social Media Influence: Social media posts can have significant influence. A post like this, especially with a caption that invokes a controversial political statement like “church and state don’t mix,” draws public attention. This can be seen as an endorsement because it uses the satanist’s platform to broadcast a message directly tied to the commissioner.
  3. Symbolic Gestures: The devil horn hand gesture and the smiling pose can be interpreted as signs of approval or endorsement of the commissioner, especially in a context where the satanist is making a political statement.
  4. Context of Previous Involvement: If the satanist was invited by the commissioner to pray at a county commission meeting, this prior connection might suggest that their public actions and expressions of support could reflect a more coordinated or supportive relationship.

Conclusion: The visual and contextual elements of the Facebook post clearly show an association with the commissioner’s campaign sign, the use of social media to spread the message, and the prior invitation to pray at a meeting suggest that the satanist is showing some level of support for the commissioner. This act can influence public perception and potentially sway public opinion, functioning as a de facto endorsement, even if wrapped in complex layers of political commentary or satire.

So there you have it.

A pseudo endorsement by Reno satan Group of Clara Andriola.

That about sums up her stance on conservative issues as well. What do I mean?

Well, she or her handlers lie about her and her voting record.

They even have their PAC vouch for her, and what looks like a list of RINOs who vouch for or endorse her as well?

See for yourself here:

Now we know they are lying through their crooked RINO teeth about Clara, as they are terrified people are finding out about the real Clara Andriola, not the B.S. image of a Trump-loving conservative who votes with the conservatives 90% of the time vs against the conservatives 90% of the time in crucial county-saving votes.

Don’t believe me?

Look to the county’s own data here, Her voting record speaks for itself see here all put together by the incredible Janet Butcher:

Clara screwed us on saving our elections, she screwed over the seniors for the homeless, she screwed every single one of us over putting Alexis Hill as chair of the county commission, and she screwed us over on nearly every major conservative issue that came up for a vote, she went against the conservatives, and voted with the liberals, around 90% of the time.

The numbers don’t lie, even if she and her handlers do about what she’s done.

So we know she and they lie about her voting record and who she is, but now we have to ask, is she also a satanist like Commissioner Hill appears to be, or just invites them to the meetings to pray and take their endorsements?

You tell me…..


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