Friends of mine at the county shared this with me. They tell me the ROV and County Manager are planning on using inexperienced county workers to work in our elections.

These workers would be taken from their day-to-day jobs that they currently do for we the taxpayers, then put into election worker roles during the election.

They would be paid the same rate of pay, however, they could earn up to 32 hours of leave time in addition to their regular time paid.

They tell me this is being done because they don’t want people who are not under NDA and not under their control working the elections.

They saw my post asking people to sign up with the county and work our elections, so to combat having people in the county working the elections who would have morals and ethics, the county would use their own existing employees who they could bully into silence of all the issues they would find and see in our upcoming elections.

My friends in the county say it appears County Manager, Eric Brown, and County Commission Chair, Alexis Hill, are behind this.

So you tell me folks, how does this look to you? They are trying to keep Washoe residents out of the election process, use County workers who have no experience in elections, try to bribe them with 32 hours of leave time, keep them under NDA, and bully them into silence if they see issues, all the while the county residents are kept out of the election process and will also now be without county workers in their regular positions doing the jobs we need them to do.

Washoe truly is the most corrupt county in the country. It’s not even close. These people do this crap in broad daylight, without a care in the world.

They use out-of-state vendors, services for our elections, used out-of-state temp workers, now their own NDA’d workers, spend tens of millions of dollars in the process, all for just over 100,000 votes that we could count in a day.

What are they hiding? It’s simple, they’re rigging it all, from the bottom to the top and top to the bottom.

Luckily, we have some incredible people within the county who will do the right thing. Let’s see what they catch this election season… instead of day.

This all ends when we say it does, as long as you’re scared or apathetic to call this out for fear of being called names or lied about, it will continue.

It’s up to you when it ends.

Here’s proof what they say is true.



Where are all the civil rights groups calling this out? Suing? Where’s the media? Our vote is our only peaceful way of creating change in our communities, and they are stealing it from us in broad daylight. Hello…….

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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