I hear all the time, “Nothing will be done. The criminals just get away with it. There is no justice,” they say.

They say the same thing here in Washoe with Commissioner Alexis Hill, Mayor Schieve, Eric Brown, the ROV, and many, many others, that law enforcement fails to enforce the laws. That law enforcement turns a blind eye here or is in on it.

People are upset and disgruntled. What’s worse is we hear of investigations into some of these so-called public servants, but then they are stifled by servants in the legislature.

Well, I feel their pain, truly I do. It’s very frustrating to see crime skyrocket in Washoe. Public servants get away with fraud, theft, and worse, with no consequences, let alone a public investigation.

So, I wanted to take a few minutes to show you what law enforcement should and could look like in Washoe and how it does look elsewhere.


First, we go to New York of all places. In where “70 Current And Former NYCHA Employees Charged With Bribery And Extortion Offenses”, read about it here:


I mean, if it can happen in NY, it can happen here, right?


Next, we go to San Joaquin County, California. SJC has a population very similar to Washoe, with mostly the same form of County structure. Yet in SJC, the newly elected District Attorney, Ron Freitas, in the first month prosecuted more crimes and criminals than the previously Soros-funded District Attorney did in 4 years! Can you imagine what a message that sends to criminals or would-be criminals?

Next in San Joaquin County, there is Sheriff Pat Withrow. Unlike the previous Sheriff, who has been accused of numerous crimes, cover-ups, and failing to investigate friends, cohorts, etc., Pat has his slogan, “There are no sacred cows.” Meaning if someone breaks the law, he will investigate and/or arrest.

He has arrested City Council member Khan for election fraud, investigated and raided school board trustees’ homes for fraud, misappropriation of funds, etc. He put a sting operation together to catch the “sideshow” folks who are destroying public streets, and businesses, creating noise pollution, terrifying citizens, and harming people as well. In this sting operation, he has detained over 150 people, seized 88 vehicles, and none of the vehicles will be released until these 150 people have their day in court. He won’t allow these folks to continue to endanger his people either and has even said if the vehicles are found to be a hazard, he will simply destroy them. This Sheriff is no-nonsense and will investigate and arrest any lawbreakers in his county, even his own deputies.

Watch him here:


Watch him here too:


During the riots, the City of Lodi and its police force failed to keep the citizens safe, so the Sheriff mobilized a small army and kept Lodi safe from the rioters as well as protecting the rioters from the public! He didn’t mess around. There wasn’t any damage, destruction, or death on his watch. Sheriff Withrow handled business when the Mayor of Lodi and its Chief of Police failed to.

These are just a few examples. I could literally write a book on what Pat and Ron have done for SJC.

This is what law enforcement looks like to me. There is hope here in Washoe too. I hope…

Washoe DA and Sheriff now have the opportunity to bring on a special investigator and prosecutor against Alexis Hill, Eric Brown, and Jaime Rodriguez with enough probable cause in my lawsuit alone to do so.

They have the ability to do the same against Hillary Schieve with enough allegations in the Operation Sunlight posts alone, not to mention the Sparks P.D. interrogation videos…

These are just a few examples.

They will have the opportunity again when more allegations and proof of crime from our so-called servants and the public in general come to light, and it will.

The question remains, will our law enforcement here take a page from Ron and Pat’s playbook and investigate and arrest public servants and their cohorts, if warranted?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

People have had enough. I hope this brief example shows true law enfrocement does exist, and could exist here too.


“The object of justice is that it should be just.”

“Justice is the source of all the other virtues.”

Marcus Aurelius

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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