We know that if what we see happening with our elections were to happen in the private sector, those businesses would be out of business, or at a minimum, the workers would be fired. Yet, as we saw over the past couple of days, they did exactly what I said they would. Blame it on others, say it was a “glitch,” and none of our votes or lack thereof were harmed throughout the shenanigans. It’s absolute corruption in front of our faces, disguised as incompetence and then covered up by the media.

The past three days:




People ask me why did the NV SOS show their hand, and why did they allow us to see they made a huge mistake and got caught rigging our PPP election? Look, it doesn’t matter why, it matters that it happened, and we simply cannot trust these people.

I could speculate as to why, but for all of you who know me, I only state what I can prove, or I have someone who can prove. For all of you demanding that I speculate, fine, here’s my speculation: it was a dry run. I think they automated the election system to do predetermined outcomes, and it malfunctioned. Now they found the issues, and they will resolve the issues for a complete election rig in the primaries. So there, that’s me speculating based on information from like items I can prove.

Just like here’s the reason they want low turnouts for the caucus and purposely confused everyone:



Moving on.

Many ask me what they can do, and what they should do to make sure their vote counts legitimately. This comes from Democrats and Republicans alike. I have posted numerous times on Operation Sunlight what to do, but never something they could sign and send to their commissioners, legislators, etc., and demand they follow it now and even codify it into the NRS.

In 2021, The Nevada Voter Bill of Rights was codified into the NRS; it isn’t followed. Parts are vague. What I propose is to have the legislators add this stand-alone resolution and verbiage to it thereby giving all a very clear picture of how our elections must be handled. So to be clear, the legal paper below can be a stand-alone resolution followed immediately so it’s enacted in time for our 2024 primary elections, and it can additionally be added to our Nevada Voter Bill of Rights. Now remember, the NRS is specific to what we can and can’t do without the legislators changing the laws, etc. What I am providing for you here is ALL within the existing structure of the NRS so it could be enacted TODAY.

There is absolutely no reason why any legislator would be against first doing this now and second adding it to the NRS voter bill of rights. The only people who would be against this would be people actively trying to conceal election fraud. So, in other words, the only people against this would be complete idiots or criminals; there’s nothing in between.

Now, for those who read the legal paper below and then say “Beadles, you and the public can’t count ballots it violates the ballot secrecy act.” They would be wrong. Our ballots are already anonymous; there are no identifiers on them, making them secret already. To show how absurd this argument is, you or I can receive the ballot envelope for EVERY Nevadan voter. Why does this matter? Because it HAS their signature, name, home address, precinct number, political party, and more information on it. It’s enough for a bad actor to steal the identity of every voter in Nevada. You CAN have those all day long, but they WON’T let you count the bubbles or ballots that are completely anonymous to verify that what the ROV and SOS reports are legit.

In every business, from a supermarket to a bank, a cashier does an accounting of their register at the end of their shift, then someone else verifies what they say is correct. It’s called checks and balances. We have none of that in our elections. As my lawsuits and video evidence show, machines count the ballots and the bubbles, then a handful of people from election service companies and a few from our election departments, break all the laws and my court orders by counting all the votes in secret and then telling us who wins and we have zero way to check what they are saying is true.

So, long story short, don’t believe the BS when legislators or the SOS or ROV or media tell you when they say “we can’t count the ballots because of ballot secrecy laws.” They are already secret, but the officials are counting our votes in secret, which is illegal.

So, my simple, straightforward approach to adding a few safeguards to our elections without needing to change any laws, which can be done in time for the primary, is listed below.

The reason it would be helpful to have this added to the NRS is so that it clearly and easily shows how elections are to be handled even in today’s existing laws set forth in the NRS.

These measures can all be followed today; there is no legislative need for a vote to follow this addendum today, there would only be a vote needed by them to add it to the NRS.

Here are links to forms based on which county you live in, click the link and fill out the form, it will automatically be sent off to your county’s officials and the Secretary of State:

We’ve had thousands tell us they don’t have printers or know how to screenshot and sign the legal paper presented to you earlier this week. So we have created an easier way for you-them.

Washoe County, click here

Simply fill out the legal paper online and hit the send button. It will automatically be sent to Washoe County and State servants.


Clark County, click here

Simply fill out the legal paper online and hit the send button. It will automatically be sent to Clark County and State servants.

Carson City, click here

Churchill County, click here

Douglas County, click here

Elko County, click here

Esmeralda County, click here

Eureka County, click here

Humboldt County, click here

Lander County, click here

Lincoln County, click here

Lyon County, click here

Mineral County, click here

Nye County, click here

Pershing County, click here

Storey County, click here

White Pine County, click here

While there are hundreds of things I could add to this addendum, this here is all within the NRS to where the County Clerk can do immediately in time for our primary. The ROV can instantly do this once they have the vote approving the process from the County Commissioners, again in time for our primary.

Any County Clerk, ROV, or Commissioner against this is concealing election fraud; it’s that simple.

Any of their excuses hold zero water. Don’t believe them.

I say again, the only reason anyone would be against this is if they are a complete idiot or a criminal.

Fill this out, and send it off to your representatives below:

CC this email: nvbull@protonmail.com

NV SOS: nvelect@sos.nv.gov

Washoe County:
ROV: electionsdepartment@washoecounty.us







Clark County:
ROV: ELinfo@ClarkCountyNV.gov

District A – NAFT – DistrictA@ClarkCountyNV.gov

District B – KIRKPATRICK – DistrictB@ClarkCountyNV.gov

District C – MILLER – DistrictC@ClarkCountyNV.gov

District D – MCCURDY II – DistrictD@ClarkCountyNV.gov

District E – SEGERBLOM – DistrictE@ClarkCountyNV.gov

District F – JONES – DistrictF@ClarkCountyNV.gov

District G – GIBSON – DistrictG@ClarkCountyNV.gov

Carson City: elections@carson.org

Churchill County: elections@churchillcountynv.gov

Douglas County: elections@douglasnv.us

Elko County: bplunkett@elkocountynv.net

Esmeralda County: celgan@esmeraldacountynv.org

Eureka County: elections@eurekacountynv.gov

Humboldt County: elections@humboldtcountynv.gov

Lander County: landercountyclerk@landercountyelectionsnv.gov

Lincoln County: llloyd@lincolnnv.com

Lyon County: slindberg@lyon-county.org

Mineral County: clerk-treasurer@mineralcountynv.org

Nye County: mkampf@nyecountynv.gov

Pershing County: ldonaldson@pershingcounty.net

Storey County: clerk@storeycounty.org

White Pine County: wpclerk@whitepinecountynv.gov

Demand they follow this addendum to the voter bill of rights and demand it is added to the NRS.

Sign it and send it to your representatives.

Then share this post with everyone you know and tell them to do the same!



You wanted something to do that could help make our elections more legitimate in time for the primaries, here you go. You now have zero excuses.

This addendum can be implemented today, and legislators can add it to the Nevada Voter Bill of Rights (below) through a simple vote.

 NRS 293.2546  Legislative declaration of voters’ rights.  The Legislature hereby declares that each voter has the right:

1.  To receive and cast a ballot that:

(a) Is written in a format that allows the clear identification of candidates; and

(b) Accurately records the voter’s preference in the selection of candidates.

2.  To have questions concerning voting procedures answered and to have an explanation of the procedures for voting posted in a conspicuous place at the polling place.

3.  To vote without being intimidated, threatened or coerced.

4.  To vote during any period for early voting or on election day if the voter is waiting in line to vote or register to vote at a polling place at which the voter is entitled to vote or register to vote at the time that the polls close and the voter has not already cast a vote in that election.

5.  To return a spoiled ballot and is entitled to receive another ballot in its place.

6.  To request assistance in voting, if necessary.

7.  To a sample ballot which is accurate, informative and delivered in a timely manner as provided by law.

8.  To receive instruction in the use of the equipment for voting during early voting or on election day.

9.  To have nondiscriminatory equal access to the elections system, including, without limitation, a voter who is elderly, disabled, a member of a minority group, employed by the military or a citizen who is overseas.

10.  To have a uniform, statewide standard for counting and recounting all votes accurately.

11.  To have complaints about elections and election contests resolved fairly, accurately and efficiently.

(Added to NRS by 2003, 680; A 2017, 403, 3330; 2019, 4069)

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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