Reno City Councilman Devon Reese is running for re-election. Many call him the bully of the council, allegedly pushing hard on people and even his cohorts. Nothing wrong with being assertive if that’s all it is, right?

We’re told he’s been running around actively campaigning and collecting as much money as he can, which is fine. That’s what all candidates should be doing, right?

However, what happens when someone uses their office to bully people into giving them money for re-election? We’re told Devon might be doing that. If he is, that’s not cool, to say the least.

We’ve been told he has his panties in a bunch that a contender is coming for his seat. He’s going to have a tough re-election, to say the least. He should be worried; in a fair election, Reese will be crushed. There is still an undefeated challenge of mine out there for $80,000, showing Reese didn’t win legitimately in his last election, but I digress.

The reason for this post is not just to give you the latest gossip on Reno’s most famous gay city council member who left his dying wife for a man; no, this is about a potentially huge campaign violation Devon Reese may have willingly or unwillingly stepped into.

Reese has been slapped around with a few ethics violations already, skating through them pretty unharmed; this, however, could be a doozy for Devon if the State investigates and finds fault with him.

If the State doesn’t find fault with Devon or the donor, then this changes the game for campaign finance, and I’ll start dropping $200,000 checks on my favorite patriotic candidates. What do I mean? Ok, enough foreshadowing; I’ll show you now.

Waste Management, one of the premier sanitation companies in the country, appears to have sent hundreds of thousands of mailers to their customers located throughout Washoe County. In these mailers it shows Devon Reese as the “Vice Mayor Of Reno” and then a quote from Devon as seen here:

Why does this matter?

It’s what could be defined as an in-kind contribution.

Reese is running for office, and this mailer could give him an unfair advantage against his opponents. Of course, this mailer would cost most likely $100,000, $200,000, or more to blanket a county.

The most an individual or entity could give Devon Reese would be $5,000. So, if the maximum contribution is $5,000 and this mailer costs over that amount, it could be a campaign finance violation with very significant penalties.

Additionally, this could be an ethics violation if Devon abused his power, has a conflict of interest, or didn’t disclose this. I sure didn’t see it on his campaign contribution and expense report on the NV Secretary of State’s website.

So I guess we’ll soon see if the State of Nevada finds an issue with Devon or if now the rules of the game have changed to where anything goes in Nevada when it comes to our elections.

If you’re wondering why I started off this title with “Drag Queen Devon,” it’s because there are rumors throughout the county that Devon dresses up in drag. And hey, I’m not judging; we just saw Scott Kirby, the CEO of United Airlines, dressed up in drag doing a full-on show for the world.

Imagine if Devon and Scott did a duo, what a sight that would be. Devon’s not the best-looking man; but imagine what he’d look like as a woman? Woah…

Maybe Drag Queen Devon will run for office in drag? I say you go, girl, show us what you got!



In addition to mailers, they also posted Devon on their socials.

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