So in the last post, we saw Alexis Hill shamelessly exploiting her child for dollars. It was all in her own words, so it doesn’t need any real explanation; anyone with an IQ over 60 can see what she’s attempting to do: tug at your heartstrings so she can tug, nay, rip at your purse strings.

In this post, we will once again briefly show you how she hopes you and others are too dumb to really see what’s going on. In her most recent Facebook post, it’s said that it could be looked upon as a criminal patting the backs of her compadres, saying what a great job they are all doing, in public, for all to see. Am I saying all the people in this picture are bad? Heaven no, there are some incredible people in this picture, being exploited, but what this post is insinuating appears to be the furthest thing from the truth.

We are all aware of the situation: tens of millions of dollars are missing, over 100 million dollars spent and climbing. This involves the various homeless services of Washoe, which operates like a revolving door. Officials praise their work, claiming they do a great job moving people out of one “name your homeless service.” However, we’re told these individuals are simply transferred to another taxpayer-funded location, which is also under the umbrella of “name your homeless service.”

The narrative presented to the public is that these services are genuinely helping people. Yet, we’re told it’s really the same individuals circulating from one service to another. This process creates an illusion of effective assistance. But according to what we’re told, the reality is quite different. It seems to be a strategy to maintain a continuous flow of tax dollars. This cycle involves the same group of people repeatedly passing through the revolving doors of various county services.

We have further shown how Alexis Hill failed to disclose the fundraising boards she sits on that are for the Cares Campus and related entities while then voting in over 100 million dollars to it.

We’re told she and her friends are profiting very, very well from her votes and board positions.

I don’t want to go much further here as you’re smart enough to see what people are saying about her could very well be true.

I think the Nevada Globe’s recent article stated it best: “Commissioner Hill, Chair of the Washoe County Commission and Chair of the Community Homelessness Advisory Board, is seemingly running a profitable business that has access to unlimited taxpayer money, as long as her favored partners never uphold their promise to end homelessness.” 

I recommend you read the full article here.

Notice in the Facebook post, Searcy states, “This is the first step in a very long journey.” Well, if they have their way, no truer words have ever been said by them……



Had enough of Hill and her cronies? Tell your friends, to vote for Marsha Berkbigler, and pray my lawsuit saves our elections in time so Marsha and “We The People” aren’t robbed again.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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