In yesterday’s RGJ article, Alexis Hill says, “I’m charged with following the rules so I am sorry that he thinks the fix is in.”

Other than her 2020 election, what might she be talking about?

Hill reportedly volunteered to step down as the Chair of the Washoe County Commissioners. Shortly thereafter, we’re told she decided she wanted to keep the power of the gavel – or, as she calls it, “gaveling us down.”

The article states,

“The rules that govern how the commission conducts its business are laid out in a procedural handbook. It says the chair and vice-chair ‘serve a two-year term.’ Commissioner Jeanne Herman is vice-chair.
In order for the chair to be removed before the two years are up, the handbook would need to be changed first, Hill said.”

Now the “procedural handbook” they are referring to is the Washoe County Board Of Commissioners Procedural Handbook, as seen here:

Nowhere in there did I see anything about the chair stepping down, and no 2-year requirement to stay as Chair either. Furthermore, any commissioner can put an agenda item on the agenda, as shown here:

They could make a motion to replace Hill with another Commissioner.

On page 4, it states that the Vice Chair and Chair are elected to serve a two-year term, as seen below.

Nowhere in this handbook does it say they MUST serve a 2-year term. This is total spin they are trying to put on this.

Article 3, page 1 clearly states these rules are not intended to legally bind the Washoe County Commission.

These rules are written so wishy-washy, it gives a bad actor the ability to turn it into a dictatorship if they don’t want to follow what the rules state.

So, as you have just been shown, nowhere does it state Hill MUST stay on for 2 years. NOWHERE does it state she cannot step down without a vote.

You see how they try to twist what things mean and say. A perfect example is how this same regime refuses to allow Vice Chair Herman and Commissioner Clark the ability to add their constituents’ items to the agenda.

They do this in absolute violation of these same rules they are now twisting and saying they MUST follow.

Here is proof:

The handbook clearly states that “any commissioner may place an item on the agenda by requesting it in a public meeting or by contacting the county manager.”

Clark and Herman have done precisely that, both publicly at county commission meetings and directly to Eric Brown. Yet, their requests have been denied by Hill and Brown, in direct violation of the established rules and procedures!

The only acceptable grounds for such denial are if the proposed item “substantially conflicts with the law or with the county’s ability to carry out its administrative operations and duties.”

So, again, why not follow the rules? This is a blatant dictatorship in plain view, if one just looks at the rules they say they must follow.

They must allow Herman and Clark to add their constituents’ agenda items to the agenda, yet they blatantly break the rules.

Hill states the rules forbid her from stepping down. That is a blatant lie, as you just saw.

Further proof is Bob Lucey. Bob Lucey was Chair of the County Commissioners; yet, when he ran for re-election, he stepped down as the Chair due to a conflict of interest. We’re told he was advised by the same DA’s office that it would be a conflict of interest if he was running the board, with access to the elections, etc., and running for re-election. So what did he do?

He stepped down!

Hill is running for re-(s)election yet refuses to step down now due to the blatant conflict of interest and states she can’t because the rules don’t allow it.

You now see who she truly is, yet again.

Nothing in the rules says she can’t step down. Nothing in the rules says she MUST stay on for 2 years. Nothing in the rules says she can violate ethics and her duties to the county.

The rules do say that, in the case of the Chair’s absence or temporary disability, the Vice-Chair will act as Chair. Additionally, if both the Chair and Vice-Chair are absent, an acting Chair will be selected by the members of the Commission!

Vice Chair Herman can step forward day one and replace her. Or they can vote for a new chair due to the conflict, just like they did with Lucey-Hartung in the 2022 Elections.

So there you have it, caught red-handed. The rules are whatever they say they are.

There is zero chance Hill beats Berkbigler in a fair election. Just like she didn’t in 2020. See for yourself here:

The Real Results

You think this is why she doesn’t want to step down?

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