We continue to see millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions even, flushed down the drain on failed homeless initiatives. We’ve seen Washoe continue to get worse and worse and worse over the years. With the likes of Mayor Schieve, County Manager Eric Brown, and County Commissioner Alexis Hill touting Reno as a welcoming city, the ‘homeless’ keep coming.

We have illegals and criminals coming from all over the world, here.

We’re told less than 1,000 people, the ‘homeless’, use 60% of ALL our emergency services, leaving 500,000 Washoe citizens to only have access to 40% of ALL the emergency services.

Think about that. Then think about the potentially hundreds of millions of dollars being used in the “name” of the same 1,000 people while our seniors, veterans, and citizens in need get crumbs at best.

Why? Why is this happening? Who oversees how the money is spent, and who receives it? Have you ever seen the highly scrupulous and revealing thorough audit of the county’s books? Where they show where every penny goes? Have you seen that audit? Yeah, me neither. I’m told they flat-out refuse to do one, let alone show us. Why is that?

The bottom line is mucho mucho money. We know it, they know that we know it, and they just hope you’re too busy to call them on it. Well, if they’re not criminals, and they truly want to do what’s best for you, your family, the citizens, and the homeless, here’s their chance.

The great Paul White has put together a plan that could solve our homeless issue, start to finish. He has had incredible successes over the years, saving schools and cities. These so-called public servants need to listen to him. Attached is a very clear and concise way in which the county could save us tens to hundreds of millions of dollars while solving the debacle.

So why wouldn’t they do this, if they weren’t on the take?

It was once said if a person enters into public service and then becomes rich, they stole.

I like Mark Twain’s take: ‘Politicians and diapers must be changed often and for the same reason.’

Read the attached plan, go page by page, and share it with the public servants. Politely ask them why they won’t do this. Politely ask them if they won’t, who is paying them to not do it, and who do they really work for, as it’s obviously not us.

Attached is one treatment. Will they use the medicine, or like big pharma, try to keep the sickness going as long as possible to keep their money stream flowing versus curing the patient?

Now before we start with his plan, here’s a quick story about the great Paul White and the failed Reno City Council from several years back, when $16 per hour was a lot of money.

Several years ago, during Thanksgiving, Paul proposed a unique initiative to the City Council. He offered to accept all the homeless individuals they could identify within the 30-day period leading up to Christmas. The only stipulation Paul put forth was that these individuals must be clean, sober, and willing to work. He made a bold promise: he would ensure that each person who met these criteria would be housed and employed within 48 hours.

However, perhaps fearing the possibility of public embarrassment, the Council didn’t send anyone. Not one. Think about that. Despite this, a downtown ambassador Paul knew introduced him to a 68-year-old Black woman from North Carolina. She had been languishing in the city’s shelter for half a year. Despite her situation, she maintained a clear desire to work and her sobriety, but she claimed the shelter’s counselors discouraged her from seeking employment, pushing her instead toward government subsidies.

Challenging the system, Paul managed to get her out of the shelter and employed in less than 48 hours. A single phone call secured her a job in Stead, paying $16/hour. He also assisted her in obtaining her driver’s license. A generous coworker provided her with a place to stay near the warehouse where she worked. Within 2-3 months, she’d saved enough to rent her own apartment. This is just one of many examples Paul could provide.

The solution seems simple to Paul: limit the reliance on federal aid and enforce the law. This way, only those few who genuinely desire to improve their situation will be motivated to accept assistance in rebuilding their lives. The majority of the homeless population, whom Paul perceives to be exploiting the system, would likely relocate to cities with less stringent rules, freeing up resources that could be used more effectively. Despite the perceived harshness of this approach, if it means reducing the squandering of billions on misguided solutions, it could be a viable way forward. Paul’s ultimate goal, aside from saving the kids, is to address homelessness in Washoe in a meaningful, impactful way.

Read the Plan Here:

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Did you go to Hot August Nights in downtown Reno? If you did, you would have seen how it has become an utter ghost town over the years. The city blocks all the roads off, making it hard to travel, but there’s little going on. Instead, all the action was at the casinos like GSR, the Atlantis, etc., far away from downtown. I think you know why – crime and homelessness aren’t really great for people’s life savings in cars, let alone families. If Hot August Nights can’t bring the masses from States around Nevada to downtown, it’s no wonder it’s a ghost town all week long. Our servants have failed us. They can make it right, now. Read the plan, and implement the plan.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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