Yesterday’s County Audit Commission meeting saw a wonderful turnout. Dozens of concerned citizens assembled to make their voices heard, actively engaging in the First Amendment process. Our aim? To draw attention to serious issues and fight with words for a fairer system.

The forum opened to public comment for over an hour. In that time, we put forth compelling evidence indicating the Board’s illegitimacy. The lack of a chair or vice chair, as mandated by county ordinances, was a glaring omission that could not be ignored. Read more about that here:

Adding to the list of irregularities, we presented evidence showing the Auditor was at the helm of these meetings. This is a stark violation of the county’s own ordinances and a blatant disregard for established rules and roles.

Several voices were raised demanding the removal of Brown and Rodriguez, two figures whose actions have caused a significant degree of concern. There were alarm bells ringing about the county going rogue, not adhering to laws and regulations. There were accusations of puppetry and manipulation to rig elections rather than hiring qualified individuals to ensure our elections are conducted in a legitimate, fair manner.

The Elections Group, an entity that nobody wants involved in our elections, was a hot topic. Their controversial past was brought to the forefront, drawing widespread scrutiny. We highlighted the County breaking its own rules bringing TEG on and how TEG wasn’t even registered with the Secretary of State to work for Washoe County previously. TEG finally registered with the Secretary of State on 6/12/23, as we exposed them on 6/9/23 for not being in compliance. It’s worth noting this is typically a $10,000 fine, and the county had been allowing them to operate here for months in violation of the rules. 

Read all about TEG in these past posts: 

Brown and Hill have been relentlessly pushing for the Elections Group to be brought on board, against the rules and the clear will of the people. Whistleblowers have hinted at Brown already committing to a $500,000 second part of the contract with the Elections Group, fighting tooth and nail to get them approved because he is on the hook for that amount, if true. It’s worth mentioning, if true, Brown lacks the authority to pay TEG without the Commissioners’ vote of approval. One more reason to fire Eric Brown if true, right?

Commissioner Herman took a bold stance and motioned to cancel the meeting, citing non-compliance. There were sighs of relief when the Deputy District Attorney allowed Herman to end the meeting. As a result, the Elections Group will not be added to the agenda for another vote on 8/15 since the audit hearing was canceled.

This outcome signifies a small victory in our battle for fairness and integrity. I would have stayed even after the adjournment had been confirmed, but duty called. There were documents to be filed at the courthouse for the ongoing lawsuits against the county and officers.

I want to express my profound pride and thanks to everyone who showed up, bravely voicing their concerns against this malfeasance. Your presence made a difference, and I deeply appreciate each one of you.

Today, we won a small battle, and with each such victory, we inch closer to winning this war, I promise, we will win.


P.S. Keep pushing forward, We will WIN!

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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