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Welcome back to our ongoing series, The Corruption Chronicles. In part one, we gave you just a small teaser of how Eric Brown, the Washoe County Manager, known by all now as BrownStain, seized full control of the Continuum of Care. In a previous post, we showed you how the County Manager has put sexual predators ahead of women and children and how no citizenship is needed to enter and stay at the CARES campus.

Now, we will give you another tease of what’s to come. In these internal whistleblower documents, which we will drip a bit below, it’s some of the real data the County Manager does not want you to know about.

They don’t want you to know how single men are placed in housing before women, before children, before families. 

As these whistleblower documents show:

“68% of the supportive housing funds are dedicated to housing chronically homeless individuals (most are men). 16% of the supportive housing funds are dedicated to families experiencing homelessness.”

So, according to BrownStain’s policies and procedures, it’s now men to the lifeboats and women and children sink with the ship.

Why in the world would someone with a soul do something like this?

Well, you wouldn’t believe me if I just flat-out told you right now, so you’re gonna have to wait. There’s so much to go over, you won’t want to miss a thing.

The big question(s) you should be asking right now from the previous two posts, and now this one are:

  • Where’s the media?
  • Why and how did BrownStain seize 100% control over COC?
  • Why are men receiving preferential treatment over women and children?
  • Why are undocumented, illegal alien males allowed to stay at the CARES Campus?
  • Why are most of these single men all of “fighting age”?
  • Where are all of these men coming from?
  • Where do all of these men go?
  • Why are sexual predators, who are men, placed over homeless women and children?

Fear not, we’ll start giving you more and more answers with proof into BrownStain and the gang’s corruption. It’s all going to come out…


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