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Welcome, one, welcome all!

Illegal aliens? Homeless? Hobos? Bums? Undocumented immigrants? Citizenship-challenged? “It’s racist to ask.” It matters not what we call them or even what their preferred pronouns are. Mayor Schieve, County Manager Brown, and Chairman Hill refer to it as a welcoming city for all of these types of people, regardless of what they identify as…

But why would this trifecta of clowns want to welcome all these people into our county? A basic principle taught in the overthrow of a government is that if they don’t have enough chaos agents, they import them. Just look at our wide-open borders and the demise of Title 42. Why would any public servant want to allow such a flood of people across our border? Well, imagine this: They have a bunch of woke policies and communist agendas, but they just don’t have the people or the votes to pass their agenda-ideology. What would they do? They would import voters, import people who support or come from communism to the area they wish to infect and overthrow.

Now, I’m not claiming that the trifecta of clowns is smart enough to do this, but they definitely appear to be the minions of people who want chaos.

One only needs to look at their welcoming policies. Look at how these three clowns constantly throw our unaccounted-for money at the “homeless” and “indigent” individuals. Where does the money really go? And why doesn’t the local media cover any of this, other than providing cover for the clowns?

I think we know one of the many reasons why the RGJ is covering for the clowns instead of uncovering what they’re doing. It’s the dilapidated building that’s worth more dead than alive, which they sold to the city for 2-3 times its value, or so we’re told. You can read about it here.

Now, why would the trifecta of clowns welcome all these new people? We know that the county only has limited resources, and every new person they bring here could take resources away from those who are already here. So why would Comrade Hill-Insky, Shill-ary Hide’n Schieve, and Eric Brown-Stain want all these people here?

It appears there is a never-ending supply of money going to line items called “homeless” and “indigent,” but there’s no true accounting of where it really goes. How is it that these public servants go from poor to well-off? I think it’s worth looking into, don’t you?

And then there are the votes. The votes, you say? Yes. One only needs to look at the Nevada Cares Campus’s own policies. Remember how I mentioned one of the basic principles of communism is to import chaos agents if they don’t have enough?

Well, take a look at this. Welcome one, welcome all.

“Nevada Cares Campus participants do not need to be citizens of the United States, nor do they have to have any documented immigration status, to be eligible for Nevada Cares Campus services.”

Wow! Welcome one, welcome all is right!

So, anyone from anywhere can come here and get our services. But what services does the Campus offer besides food, clothing, housing, and jobs, all on our dime?

Here’s an eye-opener: the ability to VOTE and get an ID!

That’s right. Due to the communist policies surrounding our elections, people can register to vote on the same day as the elections. They can even use homeless centers as their address for registration. And get this; they can obtain an ID without being a citizen. In fact, they don’t even need an ID to vote. Ballot harvesters from across the country come here and collect ballots from the homeless, sometimes even incentivizing them to vote. Moreover, those who register to vote at these homeless centers continue to receive ballots even after they leave. These harvesters or bad actors can gather up all these ballots, fill them out, and send them in. And in Washoe, our ROV didn’t require proper signature verification, so even those illegally filled-out ballots would count as legal votes!

Folks, it’s high time we wake up to what’s happening and realize the cost to our county and country. This isn’t just happening here; it’s happening in many other places too. The trifecta of clowns we see are all Democrats, but the days of the Kennedy Democrats are long gone. We now have a communist faction that has taken over their party, with the sole mission of socialism, which Lenin told us is the means to communism. His exact quote is, “The goal of socialism is communism.”

It’s not rocket science, folks. These people aren’t that bright. They’re simply counting on you being too apathetic or too busy to call them out on it.

But I, for one, will take the time to expose them and help you and your loved ones. We appreciate you doing the same while we still can.



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Want to see some additional policies of the Cares Campus that should make any true American’s blood boil?

Did you catch that?

If a dude wants to identify as a woman, they throw him in with the women! What could go wrong? If a person staying at the Campus doesn’t like this policy, they are “welcome to leave.”

Did you catch that?

Welcome all sex offenders as well, no reporting will be done by the county!

What do you really think the Cares Campus “cares” about?

Extracting our resources and Chaos and funded by us….

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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