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For over a week now, we have been covering the numerous issues and allegations against County Manager Eric Brown-Stain.

Why a stain, you ask? As previously mentioned, everything he touches turns to crap or is just crap for We the People.

I’ll make this post brief, and if you want more on Brown, don’t worry, we have volumes more coming. 

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Now, if you’ve read our past posts, you’ve seen how Alexis Hill, AKA Comrade Hill-Insky, and Eric Brown made some very questionable legal moves to put back defeated items on the very next agenda, without proper notice or motions.

They appear to have broken numerous NRS statutes and even their own procedural handbook regulations.

I’ll explain their potential motives for this soon, and believe me, if true, I hope they end up in orange onesie jumpsuits!

Now, just to show you one more potential procedural violation Eric Brown-Stain may have done to get the defeated items back on the agenda and passed, here you go:

What does this mean?

He is duty-bound to keep all the commissioners fully advised of the business of the county!

Why does this matter?

Commissioners Clark and Herman were never notified by Brown-Stain or Comrade Hill-Insky regarding putting the 3/28 defeated items back on the 4/11 agenda for a new vote!

We’re told the items just appeared back on the agenda without any notice to Commissioners Clark or Herman!

We’re told he had closed-door sessions with Andriola, Hill-Insky, and Garcia but not Clark or Herman!

So, did he have all the votes he needed and didn’t bother to further break the open meeting laws any further? 

He and Hill-Insky sure got the votes, didn’t they…

Folks, wait until you hear how these people are potentially profiting at our expense. If true, we sure hope handcuffs are in their future.

I have no idea why it’s up to you and me to have to expose these numerous issues, but I hope now that we are, law enforcement will step in and, of course, the board fires Hill-Insky and Brown-Stain immediately.

We’re just getting started, stay tuned, and see you tomorrow. You won’t want to miss it!

Tuesday 9:30 am

1001 East 9th Street, Reno

Come prepared for a very long day, or an extremely short one 🙂



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