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Occam’s Razor tells us that the simplest explanation is usually the right one. When we examine the media in Nevada, it becomes abundantly clear that they have an agenda that does not prioritize covering facts or the truth. It is completely compromised.

The majority of media outlets in Nevada are owned by the big five corporations that control 90% of the media we consume. Meanwhile, so-called independent journalists are mostly funded by Soros and his associates, leading to a messy situation.

The only statewide media outlet that has the courage to cover the real issues is the Nevada Globe. Recently, they covered Reno’s Hillary Schieve, who is apparently facing financial difficulties. Despite her poor decisions for the city of Reno, only the Nevada Globe and a few others have covered it. Furthermore, will the Feds investigate the PPP money Schieve received? We have been told that she received more than she should have, so did she lie to obtain it? Only time will tell.

If we look at the RGJ building, which the City of Reno paid $7,000,000 for and then doubled the budget to repair it, we have to stop and question how much this building will actually cost. We have been told that it needs to be torn down and that it was supposed to cost $34,000,000 to renovate, plus the $7,000,000 to buy it. Then, they suddenly doubled the renovation budget without providing any accounting. So now it’s over $70,000,000 with no end in sight!? Where is the press on this issue? They essentially have a blank check for a property that should never have been purchased. We have been told that the city already owns better properties and could have completed the project for less than $7,000,000. How much favoritism did the city council and Schieve receive from the RGJ? How much money is being put into people’s pockets behind the scenes? Have you seen the RGJ cover this story? I haven’t.

This is just a few of the many examples I could provide about Schieve and pals, but I’ll stop there. Then there’s the tragic, preventable murder of a 14-year-old girl in Washoe schools. The family allegedly begged the school to protect their child from the abuse she was receiving, but the school allowed it to continue. This loss of life could have been prevented, but it wasn’t. The school board trustees (except Jeff Church) and the press have been turning a blind eye, at best, to potentially even covering up the issues in our schools. Why? Occam’s Razor suggests that they are all in bed together, with the same puppet masters pulling their strings. Our schools are as dysfunctional and unsafe as they could possibly be, but where is the press? Why don’t they cover the dysfunction that causes these horrific, preventable atrocities? The Nevada Globe and Operation Sunlight do, but where are the RGJ and others? What happened to investigative journalism? Perhaps it would expose how they all work together to treat us like mushrooms, keeping us in the dark and feeding us crap.

We also discuss how, if you give us the election data for only three precincts in Washoe and Clark counties, we can tell you the results in every precinct in both counties. This should be impossible in a fair election, yet here we are. Over 50 PHDs have confirmed that we’re right, even from the big media companies. But once again, they refuse to cover the truth. See for yourself here; even a fourth-grader from Washoe county can see that we’re telling the truth.

Where is the press on these issues? They are doing us a great disservice. If they aren’t deliberately burying the truth, they are at least turning a blind eye to it.

The press, which attacks with name-calling instead of engaging in actual debate on the issues, is the worst by far. They are tools of deception, and when the press resorts to such tactics, it signals that we are in a very bad place. If you look at any country that takes control of the media, you’ll see that the aftermath is never good.

It’s important to support news agencies that report the facts and call out those who are deceiving the public by burying or refusing to cover them. You know I’m telling the truth.

Here is information on a tragic and completely preventable murder that just occurred, courtesy of Paul White, another truth-teller of the Education Crusade.

14 Year-old WCSD High School Student 

Murdered 2 Days Ago on a Sunday  

Superintendent’s Office

notifies the School Board that it was just  a “tragic death.” 

Victim’s Family

states on North Valley Community Facebook that  the“tragic” part
is the school’s leadership denied the family’s pleas for a year-and-a-half
to stop their child’s killer(s) from bullying and threatening their daughter. 

Why didn’t the Superintendent report this to the media?

Why has law enforcement said NOTHING about the murder?

Where is the Superintendent’s response to the
 family’s charge, denying or acknowledging their claim 
that school leadership was criminally negligent?

Education Crusade has heard from dozens of families at many WCSD schools whose children have been beaten and/or robbed because WCSD Principals did NOTHING when the parents repeatedly asked them to prevent and punish individuals, groups, and gangs who were preying on their children.

Why did the Superintendent NOT report to the School Board last week
that a Spanish Springs HS teacher was knocked out trying to break up a large student fight (captured on video)?

Superintendent Susan Enfield is demonstrating on a weekly basis that she has NO idea how to address our schools’ most serious problems, and her recent hire was a dangerous mistake.  The evidence is overwhelming and mounting, that our students and staff are not safe and are being assaulted and abused on a daily basis.

The learning environment is in daily, dysfunctional chaos.
The superintendent will not even ACKNOWLEDGE that a drug-use epidemic is consuming our schools.

Aside from Jeff Church, the School Board created this situation and is allowing it to continue.
NOT ONE of the other six Board members has spoken out against the unacceptably dangerous condition of our schools.

The other 6 Board members need to either join Church (and the community) in demanding the Superintendent’s resignation, OR … they should resign themselves.

It’s time we have an honest press and representatives with integrity, don’t you agree?

If so, Iit’s time to stop worrying about being called names and speak truth to power.



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