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We keep being told there’s no such thing as election fraud, right?

So how is it then that in Lodi, California, city councilman Sakir Khan AKA Khan Man, was arrested and charged for:

  • Causing/procuring/allowing false voter registration of self/another person
  • Submission of fraudulent registration to the secretary of state
  • Submission of fraudulent candidacy petition
  • Aiding/abetting the commission of fraud at any election
  • Subscription of fictitious names to nomination petitions
  • False nomination/declaration of candidacy
  • Fraudulently casting votes
  • Procuring/assisting/counseling/advising another not qualified to vote


From jail, he met with Mayor Hothi. Councilmen Khan appears to have resigned his seat to him.

Obviously, Khan is innocent until proven guilty, and if he’s guilty, I’m sure justice will prevail.

The sheriff of San Joaquin County, Pat Withrow, is probably the best sheriff we have in the nation. He didn’t play the lockdown or mandate games. He did what was right, just as he did here, arresting the council member.

The new San Joaquin County District Attorney, Ron Freitas, has promised to be tough on all crime, regardless of who does it. I believe him. People won’t be given a free pass in San Joaquin County any longer.

We’ll see how this all plays out over the next month. It should definitely be one to watch.

On a side note, Imagine how many Reno City Council members and Washoe County Commissioners took office in ways very similar to this.

Here are a few examples of people in Washoe representing us through election fraud, and $80,000 for you to prove us wrong.

We wonder if and when any justice will come to them.

We know there is no way in San Joaquin County this would stand.


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