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We’ve all heard the story about Noah and his ark. He told his fellow neighbors for years that God was pissed and an unsurvivable flood was coming.

After all the years of telling his neighbors and building the ark as per God’s instructions, it still ended up being just the animals, Noah, his wife, children, and their wives on the boat.

Everyone else drowned and died.

Not one listened.

They all died except for Noah and his family.

We see this today as well with certain topics and with certain people. We know we can’t save them all. God even tells us not to waste our time on fools. So we try to wake those who will listen to things that are destroying them and their families.

I’m a simple guy to figure out when it comes to my motives in politics. I want our kids to be taught the things that will make them successful in life, and I want our elections to be free and fair for all.

Why? It’s simple. It’s even self-serving to some degree, as I live here, here in the United States, and have to deal with the system in place.

If our kids are taught crap, they will be crappy leaders. If our elections are selections, none of us will have a say as to who will keep our Constitutional Republic just that.

Both are the foundations of a healthy country, knowledgeable future leaders, and wise leaders.

Back to waking people up, we have been talking about how horrible our educational system in Nevada is and how our kids and teachers are suffering.

The trustees, except for Jeff Church and remains to be seen with Westlake, all dismissed us as mad. We all know the truth as we have family members in the schools here. We’re onto their lies and bs.

We know better. It doesn’t matter how many names they call us or what they label us as. Our kids are worth it.

What we see are evil people doing evil things to our kids, and the people who are too busy trying to just pay for the essentials don’t have the time we do to really dig in, expose it and call the evildoers out. But once more, once some of the too-busy wake up to these crimes against our kids, look out, there won’t be anywhere to hide for the evildoers.

For those who want more proof that we’ve been right all along, Paul White and his incredible Education Crusade interview a courageous whistleblower who additionally explains the evils being done to our kids and teachers. Watch it here:

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What will Enfield and the trustees do or say now? Will they spin this too, or just ignore or omit it?

Orwell did say Omission is the most powerful form of lie. 

It’s up to us to peacefully hold these people accountable and wake all who will listen. These people must be held accountable.

With our elections, or EleXtions as I call them, we’ve seen the dangers of selections vs. elections. Look how much has changed for the worse over the past couple of years.

They steal our votes at every level. Some people are scared to be labeled a denier or other more slanderous terms for pointing out the obvious.

Hell, a fourth grader can figure out who will win our elections by just knowing how many registered voters are in a precinct and how many Election Day votes a candidate received. This is, of course, impossible to do in a free and fair election, yet we can do this in every precinct in the two largest counties in Nevada.

The Big Liars

What have our leaders done about this? Asides from Herman and Clark, not a damn thing, in fact, they benefited from the rig. That should tell ya all you need to know.

It’s time we expose it and them all, let’s make sure they can’t walk down their own streets without being called out as the traitors they are.

Cockroaches hate the sunlight.

Many have warned us against the dangers of mandates and vaccines, and here too, we’ve been proved right again on a horrifying scale, but that’s for another post.

To wrap this letter up, we won’t save everyone. We shouldn’t even try. We speak to those who will listen and move along quickly from those who won’t.

The good news is we have so many awake. This is far from the Noah dilemma. We simply need to come together, organize better, wake a few more, and then expose it all and not take no for an answer.

We must save our kids and our elections.

Noah was only able to save his family and the animals. We only need about 5% of the county or state to wake up and join us to save us all. We have the numbers now. We just suck at organizing and working together.

If we can figure out a way to come together and focus on these two issues, it will solve all the other issues.

For those who deny our elections are rigged and say our schools are just fine, they are either ignorant, corrupt, or too stupid to think for themselves. Don’t waste your time on them.

Let us critical thinkers and action-oriented come together now and save our kids and elections.

Don’t forget to RSVP for Freedom Friday. It’s 2/24/22, look forward to seeing you there.



“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. “ – Mark Twain.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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