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It’s entertaining and eye-opening for people to see what’s happening. People who read the local propaganda press or watch TV are starting to see it too. Luckily, we have some growing press with the Nevada Globe and a few others that give the other side of the story.

What am I even talking about? It’s about Hide’n Hillary Schieve playing a martyr about a licensed private investigator who was and maybe still is investigating her. She says she was stalked, harassed, etc., but she had no idea she was even being tracked until a mechanic found the device! It was then removed.

So, full stop. She didn’t even know she was being tracked. How could she have been feeling harassed or stalked if she didn’t know she was tracked?

Fast forward to the attached Sparks PD interview with Hide’n Hillary Schieve, the Destroyer of Reno. They tell her several times the private detective is licensed and broke no laws. He never followed her, that he didn’t drive some red car that parked in front of her house one night, that he was a good guy and not a creep, further that he is ex-military and law enforcement and is licensed to do this work.

Here’s where it gets eye-opening and entertaining. The detectives appear to have gone above and beyond for Hide’n Hillary. It appears they somehow obtained the PI’s ownership of the device through channels they questionably legally couldn’t. They say in the video they made her a priority. Would they do that for you or me?

It additionally appears they go out of their way to potentially create a crime since one didn’t exist. They called the FBI, Secret Service, PI board, and more! Watch the video and listen carefully to what they say and did.

Sparks is being sued for millions and I tell you what, I have a sneaking suspicion a huge lawsuit is coming here too folks. Hide’n Hillary appears to be using this noncrime to make this as public (she says she wants it public in the video) as possible to win over the public with her martyr sob story about how she was being stalked, harassed and in fear for her life. It’s all BS in many opinions, including every attorney who looked at this video.

There are no damages, nor crime, so what is the point of all this then? In many expert opinions, it’s a political play on the public to get them to feel sorry for her, for her to use a fear-based, name-smearing campaign to get legislation passed. If you watch the video you’ll hear her say she will find someone to run this through the legislature. Possibly meaning they want to paint this as a creepy portrait of some rando stalking her to make it illegal for anyone to investigate a public official!

You know or suspect how corrupt Washoe and Nevada is? Can you imagine, if legislation is passed to make it illegal to investigate public officials, how insane the corruption will get?!

So hit the rewind, there were zero crimes committed, the dude is a licensed PI and was investigating her.

The $25,000,000 question here is, why, why was he investigating her? 

Was it for just one allegation or for many?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But what we don’t have to wait for is Private Investigator David Mcneely’s response!

He hired an incredible law firm. This just got way more interesting, no public defender here folks, this is the real deal legal beagle.



Let’s recap and also add some additional comments for you. 

  • Hide’n Hillary is caught on video explaining she knows there was no crime committed, she says it multiple times, and the detectives say it multiple times.
  • Lawsuits can be very expensive for people who file them and attorneys who push them knowing that they’re frivolous.
  • Hide’n Hillary appears to try to play out that she’s a victim publicly vs why she is actually being investigated, not stalked, harassed, or in danger.
  • Hide’n Hillary says she wants to make this very public.
  • She wants to potentially create new legislation.
  • She may have called in a favor(s) with AG Ford.
  • We’re told at least one bill is being drafted now.
  • The detectives did some very questionable things at best in this investigation.
  • The subpoenas that were issued on the PI came before the PI was served.
  • Hide’n offers the 2 detectives from Sparks a job!
  • They really want to know who hired PI Mcneely.
  • What allegation(s) are the PI investigating?
  • The whole purpose of this appears to make it illegal for public officials to be investigated!
  • The PI just kicked in the door with the 900-pound gorilla law firm and I feel that lawsuit(s) will be aimed at Hide’n Hillary individually and all involved at some point.

See what I mean 🙂

This is getting very interesting, it’s very entertaining and…eye-opening to how if you are in the “clique” it appears law enforcement, politicians, etc., will do things they typically wouldn’t or shouldn’t or even legally do!

Remind me again what just happened in Sparks with the Fire Chief. I hear he may soon own Sparks. Hopefully, there will be some money left over for Mcneely when this is all said and done.

What I want to know is, why was Hide’n Hillary being investigated.

What are the allegations?

What’s she Hide’n now…..

I have a feeling this is just getting started, I told you I’d help David Mcneely, he’s a very honored and decorated member of our great military and police force, what this woman is doing to him, his name, his family, and business are disgusting, this must be fully exposed by a jury of his peers.

I have a feeling if any of these rumored allegations against Hide’n Hillary are found to be true, it’s her that will end up in the orange jumpsuit and potentially paying out big money in lawsuits.

Let’s hope they go the distance in court and additionally sue the crap out of everyone involved.



Don’t be afraid to call out the evils, the corrupt, and the sellouts by name. It’s now or never.

The Nevada Globe also did these great articles as well, please read and share all of theirs and this post, everywhere. Let’s make sure the propaganda papers have real opposition and the people finally get the truth, not spin.



These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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