Well, they’re at it again…

Raises and promotions all around on our dime…..well, actually, when you add it up, billions of dimes.

On December 13th, the Washoe County board of commissioners will take a vote on whether to give County Manager Eric Brown a raise and make Harry Reid’s henchman Jamie Rodriguez the new Registrar of Voters.

Eric Brown’s wife, you may recall, had a blood alcohol rate of nearly 4 times the legal limit while nearly killing people in her car while it came to rest in a citizen’s yard.

Not surprising if you know how this county works. She got out of the whole ordeal with a few hundred dollars paid and a little work program. 

Read about it here: https://operationsunlight.com/2022/04/11/rules-are-for-thee-not-for-me/

Now, if you or I were nearly 4x the legal limit of driving under the influence, almost killed people, crashed your car, etc., do you think you’d get away with no time served and a few hundred bucks in fees?

Surely not. We’d most likely be hanging out in prison together, making license plates for her new car…..

Now, sure it’s possible the attorney, judge, etc, just felt like being extra forgiving that day…

I’ll stop there for now.

Here is what they will vote on 12/13/22 for Brown:

22. Recommendation to conduct a performance evaluation of Washoe County Manager Eric Brown including a discussion of the results of the 2022 Performance Feedback Survey and adoption of priorities and expectations for the County Manager; and possible action to increase in base salary by a percentage or set amount (current base salary $296,379), lump sum bonus, and discussion and possible action to approve an amendment to the County Manager’s Employment Agreement to extend the Agreement for an additional year to November 21, 2025 and to amend Section 2(c) to increase severance pay from six (6) months’ pay to twelve (12) months’ pay, and if approved, authorize the Chair to sign the amendment; and direct the Comptroller’s Office and Human Resources to make all necessary adjustments. Human Resources. (All Commission Districts.) FOR POSSIBLE ACTION

Now as to Jamie Rodriguez, here is what they will be voting on for her:

23. Recommendation to accept the County Manager’s recommendation and appoint Interim Washoe County Registrar of Voters, Jamie Rodriguez to the permanent position of Registrar of Voters, effective December 13, 2022, with an annual salary of $129,272.00 in accordance with Nevada Revised Statute 244.164. Manager’s Office. (All Commission Districts.) FOR POSSIBLE ACTION

So Jamie’s background is mostly in communications and government affairs, from what we can tell(can’t show you now since her LinkedIn profile seems to have disappeared)How does that make her qualified to be the Registrar Of Voters?

How did Tracey Hilton Thomas, who has over 20 years of experience at the ROV, get rejected in the first week when she applied, yet Jamie is the shoo-in?

Tracey has 20 years of experience with the ROV and would be incredible for We The People. Please remind us what makes Rodriguez even remotely qualified, let alone a shoo-in.

Here’s where we get to the malfeasance. Both Eric Brown and Jamie Rodriguez have been shown the countless issues with our elections, and both have stayed silent.

Neither of these people has meaningfully addressed any of the issues and have, in fact, allowed them to stand and then certify them.

These issues are grave. Here is just one simple fact neither of these people has addressed, why are 30-50% of the people they say voted didn’t?

Again, according to the NRS, the ROV must post daily who voted in the election, so we had a couple hundred of our incredible volunteers call these so-called voters.

30-50% of the people say they didn’t vote! So full stop, I don’t have to name the countless other issues of malfeasance and election errors. This proves the entire election is uncertifable. Yet they all certified it except the incredible Jeanne Herman.

None of these people have addressed these issues except Herman.

Read about them here:


So knowing the election is completely fraudulent, somehow they want to promote Rodriguez and give Brown a raise!

Folks, is this a payoff?

This is what I will tell you. We have so many people who have come forward, next year we will be shining the sunlight on sooooooo many of these so-called public servants and what these witnesses say they have done…

As to the vote this 13th, there’s no need to go and ask these people to do right by us. We know they won’t. It appears they are rewarding this malfeasance at best.

I look forward to when these people explain themselves to the authorities.

Stay tuned…..


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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