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Imagine your wife is caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Imagine she is nearly FOUR TIMES the legal limit.

What do you think would happen?

In Nevada, the DUI limit for blood alcohol is .08; imagine if it was .30.

Imagine a drunk driver driving into oncoming traffic at your family member, nearly hitting them, or imagine your loved one is a construction worker almost hit by this drunk driver.

How would you feel, respond?

Do you think the cops would treat you well?

Do you think the court would forgo all prison or jail sentences?

Do you think the charge(s) would be removed or the DUI reduced to reckless driving?

Do you think you’d get away with some classes, community service, and fines for around $640?

Probably not, right?

So how did Washoe County Manager Eric Brown’s wife, Melody Brown?

See here:

How can a County Commissioner, Bob Lingenfelter Lucey, use County resources and our tax dollars to try to remove County Assessor Mike Clark from running against Lucey in this 2022 Commissioner race?

The Secretary of State already said people like Mike Clark could run for office, so why is the County using our tax dollars to fight for Bob Lucey against Mike Clark?

Do you think they would do that for you? For any other candidate?

Why do the rules not apply to these people but do for us?

Do you think it’s time for a change?

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