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Well, we got hacked by China, a DDOS attack. Not once or twice, but thousands of times, lol.

Seems they didn’t like what we wrote about Hillary Hide’n Schieve.

We just asked questions about what people in the community alleged about her.

Now I have more questions.

Why is China trying to shut down our letter on Hillary?

What are Hillary’s ties to China?

Obviously, they can’t silence us, and obviously, we’re not stopping, but obviously, now we have even more questions 🙂

Who is Hillary Schieve really, and who is she really in bed with?

We see her get richer, and the city poorer. Why?

Well, it appears questions like these struck a nerve with her pals.

Let’s keep asking questions, and here’s proof it was China.

This was just the 1st attack. If we posted them all, this letter would be around 100,000 pages long lol.

What are they tryin to Hide’n 🙂



Here are what questions we asked based on alleged statements and insider information we received:

Does she duck the debates because people might ask her…

  • Took $167,000 of taxpayer money for her own business while shutting others down?
  • Was the first mayor and city in Nevada to shut down during the pandemic?
  • Open up casinos and other big contributors while shutting down small businesses?
  • Agree to murder babies at 9 months old via abortion?
  • Give sweetheart deals to Planned Parenthood to receive an endorsement?
  • Deem her business essential during shutdowns and others not?
  • Lies continually about her ties and donations from developers?
  • Her developer donors and buddies get contracts no others can?
  • Her donors get city council appointments?
  • Created the most dangerous city in Nevada?
  • Exploit taxpayers by paying exponentially more for repairs and properties than worth?
  • Holds campaign events on taxpayer money?
  • Has ties to potential criminals who give her money?
  • Has to explain why strip clubs, casinos, unions, planned parenthood, and others give her money or endorsements?
  • Slept with the Chief of Police?
  • Placed a chief of police who wasn’t certified to be chief of police?
  • Spend 10x more on properties etc with our money than they might be worth?
  • Put GAG orders on contractors and public officials to hide her corruption?
  • Tell people to stand down with sexual harassment complaints?
  • Tell law enforcement to stand down during the riots?
  • Get pulled over for a DUI and was released because shes the mayor?
  • Have taxpayers cover her partner’s medical bills?
  • Tell contractors to paint over rusty beams that will house our police defenders rather than fix them properly?
  • Received a fake vaccine card so she wouldn’t have to get the shot?
  • Take extravagant trips on the dime of developers?
  • Exploit the taxpayers by giving her friends cushy and lucrative jobs and contracts on the taxpayer’s dime?
  • Lies about Lorton constantly?

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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