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ROV crap show…part deuce.

So in addition to the last update here, we see many more issues.

We brought our attorneys in to discuss with the county legal team, and hopefully, the GOP will join us to address these issues with the county and sue, if needed, ASAP.

Won’t scan your ballot

So Jamie, the communications person, now acting ROV, says they are doing it the same way as during the primary.

Fact check:


Look at this new sign they posted in the ROV.

This wasn’t done during the primary!

They say that if they scan the ballot, it won’t give them the information to see if you have already voted.

Fact check:


How do I know?

I was personally trained on the system. It absolutely shows if a person voted.

So why won’t they show us?

We’re also told if the system shows as you already voted by mail, but you come in with it in hand, they won’t override the in-mail ballot with the real one in your hand!

Hold the phone, what!?!

So if someone nefariously voted for you and you come in with your ballot in hand, that ballot will be discarded, and the mail-in ballot will count in its place! Even if you didn’t mail it in!

Obviously, you didn’t if you have your ballot in hand!

We have legal all over this.

Sheriffs called

So Tuesday at 11:54 pm the sheriffs were called to the ROV.

Nearly a dozen sheriff deputies.

They surrounded the outside of the ROV and then went into the ROV.

The observers outside said there were two people still working within the ROV, after hours.

You can see from the picture above they were.

That’s for a different discussion as to why.

But why was the sheriff called?

The observer outside said the deputies had a report of someone in a white t-shirt knocking on an exterior window.

T-shirt? It’s freezing cold outside!

The observers outside never saw anyone on the sidewalk, street, or near the ROV.

What did they see?

Well, around the same time, the two workers inside were dancing to music.

You can view the past footage to confirm.

So they went from dancing to calling the sheriff about someone in a white t-shirt knocking on the window?

The observers say that it would have been hard to hear over the music as well as no one was outside.

What’s going on at the ROV?

Married Couple

It appears we have a worker who counts the ballots and a worker married to this ballot counter who is a ballot runner!

So one spouse grabs the ballots, and the other counts them we’re told!

Voter rolls

They are Total trash. 

That’s right they are a disgusting disaster, meaning people who shouldn’t get ballots are having them mailed to them. 

Numerous people have tried to have the ROV remove these in error voters, and they have not been removed. They are still there.

Why won’t they clean the rolls?

In fact, now they make it even harder to remove in error voters from the rolls. 

Instead of showing proof via an affidavit and personal knowledge of someone needing to be removed, under penalty of perjury, now they want even more proof!

Why won’t they remove illegitimate voters? It disenfranchises all the real voters.

The data we have you wouldn’t believe me if I posted it here. 

More to come on this in a more detailed letter to you.

NO ballot received

I can’t tell you how many people tell us they have still yet to receive a ballot, including the people who call me crazy for asking questions and showing you what we find.

These same defenders of the ROV are going nuts behind the scenes. I’ll share some of this with you soon as well.

The bottom line, it’s a mess. It shouldn’t be this way. 

We’ll definitely have to have legal handle these issues as the ROV is unwilling to address these issues.

I want you all to read their mission statement here and tell me if you think it’s true or a load of crap.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Washoe County Registrar of Voters Department is to ensure that each citizen of Washoe County who is eligible to register and voter is able to do so; that Washoe County’s Elections are operated with the utmost integrity, transparency, and accountability; and that the department is known for excellence in customer service and the administration of elections.

What do you think? Truth or load of crap?

More to come. I’m off to the Hide’n Hillary and George ‘Eddie’ Lorton savior of Reno debate.

Hope to see you there.



Hillary is a no-show, no surprise, but the show will still go on. It’s going to be great.

You’ll never guess where Hillary is Hide’n from the voters at instead of coming to the debate.

More to come on that, for sure too. 

We can’t wait to show you what she prioritizes over We The People.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.


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