Today, the following people were hit with temporary restraining orders:

  • CARI ANN BURGESS, individually and in her official capacity as Registrar of Voters
  • MIKKI HUNTSMAN, individually and in her capacity as city clerk for the City of Reno
  • CITY OF RENO, NEVADA, a political subdivision of the state of Nevada
  • WASHOE COUNTY REGISTRAR OF VOTERS, a government agency
  • ERIC BROWN, individually and in his official capacity as Washoe County Manager
  • ALEXIS HILL, individually and in her official capacity as Chairwoman of the Washoe County Board of Commissioners
  • WASHOE COUNTY, a political subdivision of the state of Nevada
  • FRANCISCO AGUILAR, individually and in his official capacity as Secretary of State
  • NEVADA SECRETARY OF STATE, a political subdivision of the state of Nevada
  • NEVADA ATTORNEY GENERAL, a political subdivision of the state of Nevada
  • AARON FORD, individually and in his capacity as Nevada Attorney General
  • DOES I through X, and ROE BUSINESS ENTITIES I through X, inclusive

What does the filed restraining order restrain them from doing if granted?

“This Motion seeks to restrain Defendants from conducting the recount of votes cast in the June 11, 2024 Primary Election prior to a ruling from this Court on Plaintiff’s Ex Parte Motion for a Preliminary Injunction on Order Shortening Time. My office received an email correspondence from counsel for Defendant Cari Ann Burgess stating that the Washoe County Registrar of Voters intends to conduct the recount Sunday, June 30, 2024. See Exhibit 1 (Emails with Washoe County DA) (‘The observation room will be opened at 7 a.m. Sunday, June 30, 2024, and the recount will then commence’). Additionally, news reports claim to have received statements from Defendant Cari Ann Burgess that the recounts the Registrar ‘will begin the recounts Friday and finish over the weekend. Source: MyNews4

Why are the officials so hell-bent on breaking the law and counting the ballots via machine?

The law is clear: the candidates are allowed a hand count and inspection of each ballot. What are these officials really doing?

The recount(s) were paid in full, at no cost to the taxpayers, state, or county. Why are they trying so hard to keep these candidates from seeing the ballots?

These officials all want us to trust them, but doing things like this makes it impossible for people of any party to trust them.

They have the media running cover for them, trying to paint this as some kind of right-wing attempt to cast doubt on the elections. When really, the only people who are casting doubt on the elections are the people who are supposedly in charge of them.

What the hell are these people trying to hide?

We all know there are issues with our elections, their actions prove it.

Why are you being silent? This all ends when we say it does.

Read the TRO’s below.



Here are the temporary restraining orders filed with the court awaiting rulings:

Baran Motion TRO

Lawson Motion TRO

White Motion TRO

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