Last Friday, 6/21/24, we witnessed a broken election system exposed when Commissioners Herman and Clark voted NOT to certify the 2024 Primary election in Washoe. Despite their votes, the election was certified. Why? Commissioner Clara Andriola and Commissioner Hill certified their own elections! Obviously, this is a huge conflict of interest and ethical issue, yet it went uncontested by the Secretary of State, Ethics Board, or law enforcement.

This brings us to what has recently occurred. Three candidates filed for hand recounts of their elections: Lily Baran (a Democrat), Paul White (a Nonpartisan), and Mark Lawson (a Republican).

Additionally, injunctions and lawsuits were filed in the 2nd Judicial Court in hopes that the judges will follow the NRS and force the ROV to conduct a hand count of the votes, not a machine recount.

The quick and dirty explanation is that the NRS is clear: the votes must be recounted in the manner in which they were cast, and they must each be inspected. This means a hand count is the only way to accomplish what the NRS states. If a vote was cast by paper ballot, machine, or other methods, it must be recounted in that manner and individually inspected.

See the attached injunctions for the exact legal argument. The ROV is doing everything possible to steamroll these recounts through in the shadows by using machines and not recounting by hand over the weekend.

There is no way to ensure the votes were counted legitimately using the same machines to count the same ballots again. We need checks and balances. The law must be followed. We must have at least the same level of accountability as a gas station cash register, which has two different people or methods to ensure the clerk reports a true tally. It’s our votes, for crying out loud. Why can’t we have the same?

Now, if you want to know how bad the ROV and this system are, they try to prevent anyone from doing a recount. The costs are ridiculously high, upfront.

Take, for instance, Lily’s race. She has 1,269 votes to recount, yet they had to pay $50,560 upfront!

Paul White’s race? 38,750 votes, $50,560 upfront!

Mark Lawson’s race? 9,357 votes, $50,560 upfront!

These are small school board, commission, and city council races. What non-elite candidate can afford these prices?

Here’s the kicker: they charge all three the same, yet all three would be done simultaneously in one day if they use machines!

They claim each race requires 645 hours to recount. That’s 1,935 hours!

Yet the ROV clerk told me they could have it done in one shift!

That 645 hours per race doesn’t even include 5 days at $9,350 for their machine vendor to supposedly be on-site. That’s 15 days for them! $28,050 for the three races!

Folks, just look at the three spreadsheets of estimated costs below. It’s something you would expect from a communist country, not America.

You can’t make this up. People call me right-wing. Well, I’m not; I just point out corruption and incompetence. This affects every single candidate who is running or would run.

This is a system set up to keep you out!

Just look at the spreadsheets; you’ll see for yourself.

They are trying everything they can to avoid doing a hand count.


This doesn’t cost the county or taxpayers a penny; it was all paid for by the Franklin Project, upfront!

So why are they so hell-bent on breaking the law, charging astronomical prices, and doing this with no transparency or accountability?

They want us to trust them. How can anyone from any party trust them or go along with this?

This is not a Republican, Democrat, or Non-Partisan issue; this is an issue for all. That’s why they continue to try to divide us with their libel and slander of anyone who dares question their mile-long list of issues.

Do you see the issue here? They rush to certify a broken election. Now, when called on it by 2 commissioners, 2 other commissioners who had elections in the same election certify it. When a hand recount is ordered, they first try to push the costs so high that only a few can afford it, then they try to break the law and do a machine count instead of a hand count, and do it all in the shadows so the candidates can’t inspect a single ballot.

This is not a conspiracy, it’s fact, regardless of what their counterparts in the media try to spin for them.

This is happening now, right here in Washoe County, in full display for everyone, if you but look.

Again, They want us to trust them. How can anyone from any party trust them or go along with this?

I always bring receipts and proof; it’s all here. See for yourself. This is criminal what they are doing. Pray the judges follow the law and use this opportunity to allow us an audit by hand of our votes as the law allows.

There’s no twisting of the law for any reason other than corruption if they refuse a hand count.

Again, it’s all paid for, it costs them nothing, and the law says they get a hand count, so what the hell are these people so afraid of?

Support our judges and pray they do the right thing ASAP. There is a small window for this all to happen, and the judges have the power to stop this blatant disregard for the law and do what’s right: give these candidates a hand recount.

Who knows what a hand recount may show? It may show the machines were 100% right, it may show that ballots were cast illegally or not. It may show all kinds of things or nothing at all, but it’s beyond corrupt not to allow the candidates the right to know.

Here are the three spreadsheets that show the charged fees:

This is not a Republican, Democrat, or Non-Partisan issue; this is happening to all of us, by them. Wake.



Drew Ribar filed a Writ of Mandamus seeking a new election in his assembly race. He was left off the sample ballot, which is a clear violation of the law, and was up against one of the most notable names in Nevada legislature. This was a huge disadvantage for him. This wrong must be righted; he must be given a new election.

His filing is here:

NRAP 27E Certificate

Notice of Filing for Petition

Writ of Mandamus for New Primary


If everything I mentioned above wasn’t bad enough for we the people, look at what they are doing to Marsy Kupfersmith. She is a non-partisan who filed for candidacy in the Washoe County District 4 Commissioners race. She turned in 114 signatures but only needed to turn in 100 to run. The SOS and ROV refuse to let her in the race! They claim only 90 of the 114 signatures she submitted are valid! They won’t tell her which 24 are not valid or why, other than to kick rocks and go away! This is insanity! The craziest part is that she and her volunteers personally know all 114 signers! All will testify they signed the paperwork for her to run! Yet, the ROV and SOS are locking her out of the Clara Andriola race. Why? Why in the world would these people do this?

Why should we ever trust these people running our elections when they continue to do crap like this? Marsy has filed an appeal. Let’s see what happens in her race, too!

This is them against us all, regardless of party. Are you starting to get it yet?

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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