Well, all seven Nevada Supreme Court Justices ruled against me for the third time.

Without any explanation.

My case is very clear, and there is no legitimate reason a just court would not at least grant me leave to amend the complaint.

Every attorney and judge (outside of the ones who are a part of this case) that has read my appeal and my pleadings say they are completely disgusted with what the Nevada courts have done with my case. They can’t believe what’s happened to the courts in Nevada.

I guess when you call out the ‘servants,’ sue them, show so many issues with the elections, and provide the receipts to back it up, these seven people have no appetite to do what’s constitutionally required of them and what is right and just.

Now I’ll file in the Supreme Court of the United States and see if they even take the case, and if they do, whether they will agree with me or with what these three courts have done to me, my case, our rights, and what they have allowed to happen to all of us. We’ll have to wait and see.

It’s a sad day for Nevada. Our founding fathers would be disgusted.

By now, you should know me well enough. There’s not an ounce of quit in me. I’m far from done, and it’s far from over.

Now, off to SCOTUS. Say some prayers for us all.



Have you noticed yet how the media relentlessly libel and slander me, then the court makes a ruling like this, and they rinse and repeat the cycle? Do any of you have any doubts about how coordinated these attacks are? What are they so afraid of… I think most of us know.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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