Just a quick update today for you on ole Death Smith, you know, the one ruling over our kids at WCSD, the one who tries to appear as an angel versus a demon.

Here we go…

So, Death Smith, aka Beth Braun, Jewell, Smith, is set to have a several-day court hearing at the end of the month. She doesn’t want you or me there. She had her attorney petition the judge to close it off to the public. They cite my last post about her as to the need for it.

I wonder why…

Could it be that all the things we’ve heard about her are true, and she’s afraid people will see her for who she really is and all the things she’s really done?

Here’s the request from her attorney:

From reading the hundreds of pages of court documents regarding this case, it’s wild, so wild.

She made some wildly insane accusations against her former husband that I’d love to hear and see his responses to.

I’m sure we all would.

There’s such an alleged track record of her lying and cheating that it would make for a great movie on the Lifetime Network. Well, that is, if she wasn’t in charge of our kids and grandkids in our schools, it could be wildly entertaining. However, since she’s the head of the school district as WCSD trustee and board president, it’s a travesty for someone as compromised and possibly evil as she is ruling over them.

I still want to see a full investigation of the whistleblowers’ statements who say she played a role in framing school board trustee Jeff Church for sexual misconduct.

Don’t you?

Imagine if you or I did this? Do you think the judge would be so quick to throw out the evidence and prevent witnesses from testifying? Do you think the papers would cover up the crime versus covering it? You better believe they would stop at nothing to expose it all if it were you or me. Why the double standard?

It seems like these School Board positions are just stepping stones to the Assembly and then to the Senate. Have you ever stopped and wondered why they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in these school board races that only pay a few hundred dollars a month? Beth’s seat oversees a budget of over $1.4 billion, per year! Who do you think is really profiting from all that money? Our kids or them and their handlers?

We have lots of questions, but if you knew what I know from the whistleblowers who’ve told me things about Beth Smith, if true, you wouldn’t want her anywhere near our kids, let alone any position in government.

Hopefully, the court hearing exposes many of the things I’m told she’s done. It would be great for the world to hear the truth about her. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want us there? Regardless, the whistleblowers will soon enough. You won’t believe what they say about her…

In the meantime, let’s hope and pray she doesn’t win the election.

Our kids deserve way better!


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