Today’s post is brief. A friend brought this to my attention, so it made sense to address it with all my friends here as well.

The RGJ on 6/3 did their typical cover for the county posts, where they buried the real headline. Their headline reads: “Early voting update: Washoe County Democrats turning out in higher numbers for primary.”

In this article, it states:

“About 14,000 Democrats have voted so far compared with about 11,000 Republicans.”

“About 24,000 mailed ballots have been returned as undeliverable to Washoe County.”

Did you catch that? So basically, the same amount of ballots that have been voted by Republicans and Democrats came back to the ROV as undeliverable!

RGJ Article

SOS’s Deputy of Elections Mark Wvlashin told us in 2022 that each ballot could cost $10.

So that’s $240,000 of potential waste, and then there’s the issue of 24,000 potential ballots that could be used by nefarious actors. Just on 6/3/24! The election goes for nearly 2 more weeks!

How many ballots never found their rightful owner? How many ballots fell into the hands of criminals who will vote using them? How many more will?

The voter rolls are a disaster by design. The NRS clearly states the ROV MUST keep accurate records, yet they don’t. Instead, they hide behind statutes that let illegal voters stay on the rolls for 9 years.

It additional states: The ROV is granted broad powers to maintain clean voter registration records pursuant to N.R.S. 293.530 § 1(a): “may use any reliable and reasonable means available to correct the portions of the statewide voter registration list. . . and to determine whether a registered voter’s current residence is other than that indicated on the voter’s application to register to vote.” And, 1(b): “with the consent of the board of county commissioners, make investigations of registration in the county by census, by house-to-house canvass or by any other method.”

So what’s the deal Ms. ROV?!

I have dozens of affidavits and witnesses who have gone to the ROV and tried to have numerous people removed from their home address. These people have lived in their homes for 35 years or more in some cases, yet there are numerous voters registered to their address who have never lived with them. Ever. Additionally, the Washoe ROV has told some of these people that the voters at their addresses have signed affidavits stating under penalty of perjury they live at that address. Who are these criminals? Why won’t the ROV take the homeowners’ word for it? They can show deeds that go back decades. Why keep the criminals on the rolls? Why not prosecute the criminals?

Why not remove the 14,000 illegal voters I gave the ROV that show these voters are voting at addresses that are ILLEGAL!

Again, the ROV has a duty to maintain clean accurate records. This is a blatant disregard for the law, and there is no reason to wait 9 years.

This is one reason why my lawsuit in the Supreme Court is so important, as I show the receipts for this using only the county’s own certified, and under penalty of perjury signed, reports.

PILF additionally sued recently to try and clean the rolls as well.

But the real story the RGJ refused to point out here is why the 24,000 returned ballots? Why not cover that? Why not hold the ROV accountable to the law versus just take their blanket statements as, “Oh well, I guess that’s just the way it is.”

Pray PILF and I are successful, and by all means, do not be silent.

You wouldn’t believe how many people this affects and have reached out to me.

At the end of the day, every illegal vote removes a legal vote.

These people must follow the law versus finding ways to try to keep from following it.

If you’re receiving numerous ballots at your home, fill out this affidavit here and tell the SOS all about it.

In the meantime, we’ll be fighting in court for us all.



The RNC has entered the ring now too. They have filed several lawsuits, and a birdie told me many more may be coming. It’s time to clean up our elections! Are you ready already?!?!

I sure now I am!

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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