Who did this 😂…
Mailers hit the homes of voters last week, where we’re told Drag Queen Devon and his team called all the media outlets to report the heinous truths voters were informed about.

What did the “so called” media do?

Did they cover the allegations in the flyers? Of course not, instead they tried to paint the candidates who are running against Devon and Beth as bad apples.

The media calls the Drag Queen Devon piece homophobic and possibly transphobic; this is hilarious. We could care less who anyone screws, as long as it isn’t us, right?

The more hilarious part of this is Devon, his/her/their pronoun queen, parades himself around as some kind of gay diva, leaning into his gayness for political gain. So, it’s cool for him to do it, but when someone or some group points out his gayness, they’re called homophobic. See how this works 🙂

It’s Orwell’s warnings exposed, and the people who are doing it are exposed for the propaganda artists they are, not the journalists they want people to believe they are.

What these so-called journalists should be covering are the allegations in the mailers.

If we look at the allegations against Devon, we see:

  • Left his dying wife for a man
  • Went bankrupt, and now oversees our money!
  • Uses YOUR tax dollars for his LAVISH trips
  • Puts special interests before your family’s interests
  • Diverts your money to homeless programs, not seniors
  • Has helped run Reno into the ground

Did Devon deny any of the allegations against him? Nope, he just said his feelings are hurt.

What is their defense for the allegations? Zero. They call you a homophobe for calling it out.

If we look at the allegations against Beth Smith, we see:

  • May have fabricated an entire sexual harassment case against fellow trustee Jeff Church!!!
  • Leads a deeply troubled school board. She’s the candidate for more chaos.
  • Neglects serious absenteeism and rampant drug use among students.
  • Does nothing as gang activity and violence escalate in WCSD.
  • Backs policies that punish employees for exposing wrongdoing.
  • Overlooks a 60-85% student illiteracy rate in WCSD.
  • Won’t debate or explain her failures. What’s she concealing?
  • It’s clear we can not trust Elizabeth “Death” Smith with our children’s education and our community’s future!

Did Beth deny any of the allegations against her? Nope, she just said her feelings are hurt.

What do they say here? She’s a cancer survivor fighting for her life; this is so cruel and unfair.

What should they be asking Beth Smith?

How about something like this: Hey Beth, ff you were on your deathbed, how did you still manage to drag yourself to the School Board meetings, rule with an iron fist, possibly set up Jeff Church with a completely fabricated sexual harassment claim, lay waste and destruction to our kids’ schools and their entire education system? How can all the rapes, deaths, fights, assaults on teachers, disgusting test results, and every attendance and metric of proficiency be so exacerbated under your rule, all while you fight from your deathbed?

Did they ask any of that? Of course not.

It’s insanity, isn’t it?

Where’s the accountability?

The press is a joke, and these servants are a self-serving disaster, and our families are their fallout.

These people must be held accountable when they are representing us, not some lame excuse about being called a homophobe for pointing out what they self-admit, or being called cruel for pointing out their cruelty to our kids, teachers, the public, and fellow board members.

I’m glad you are smart enough to see what the real story is here, and I’m glad you’re brave enough to call out these losers just like we are.

Somebody call them a Waahmbulence, and if we all do our parts this election, Drag Queen Devon and Death Smith can call the employment office for benefits, instead of our ever-shrinking county coffers.



Be brave, speak the truth, don’t fear these people. Most of the people in office are very sad, pathetic people who never would make it in the public sector, so these weak people gang up together, link arms, and together collectively screw us over. If we the people stand together, call them out, watch how quick they scurry away. These people hate sunlight, accountability, and absolutely fear you knowing the truth about them. Peacefully, stand up, speak out, and share the truth about these people.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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