Tomorrow, Monday, 5/13/24, at 9am, you and the community can come and speak and listen to the board’s presentations and, of course, hear what they will need to perpetuate the homeless industrial complex here in Washoe.

You know, our county, Washoe, has the largest homeless facility in the whole country! Bigger than Los Angeles, New York, Chicago… you name it. Our county has around 500,000 people, they say, and yet we somehow need this enormous homeless industrial complex shelter, and now over 150 million dollars we’re told for a ginormous problem that doesn’t exist anymore, according to the flop-umentary video the county put out touting all the great works they have done here with the homeless.

So the county, out of one side of their mouth, basically says they solved the homeless problem, then out of the other side of their mouth says, we need way more money to keep the grift going.

Even the RGJ, around the time of this flop-umentary that came out, posted an article saying homelessness is now at an all-time high here in Washoe. So what is it, are we drowning in homeless people, or have they all been saved and are now prosperous members of the community?

We recommend you go down there on Monday and peacefully ask Comrade Hill-Insky and Drag Queen Devon, where the hell all the money went.

Seriously, folks, where in the hell did all the money go? Don’t you want to know?

We sure don’t need to spend hundreds of millions more, we need to kick these bums out of office, (Hill & Reese) so we can really save our county vs this never-ending money heist for problems they create.

On a side note, how can Alexis Hill, be the county commission chair, the chair of the community homelessness advisory board, Washoe County Investment committee, Washoe County Internal Audit committee, and raise funds for the “Homeless Industrial Complex” while serving us, and while running for re-election?

There are so many blatant conflicts of interest here, Hill-Insky just couldn’t care less about the optics and law anymore and simply does what her/she/them wants in broad daylight.

You have the ability to speak for 3 minutes at the beginning and end of the meeting, during some of the action items.

See you Monday, tomorrow, 5/13/24, 9am at the county commission chambers,

1001 E 9th St, Reno.

Here’s the agenda:

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Show up:
Monday, 5/13
1001 E 9th Street, Reno



For those of you wanting more information on why Alexis Hill, AKA Comrade Hill-Insky, must be voted out of office this election season, here you go:

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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